Inspired: If You Hear This Song


“The anxious days when I couldn’t tell you I loved you. Did you know about that? The beautiful nights of the past when were were childish. I am still in love.” (IU-My Old Story)

Another female vocalist added to this ‘Inspired’ series…one that some of you may know!

It was hard choosing a favourite song out of the all the ones IU has out, but I decided to go with this one.

The lyrics are a little nostalgic and a little sad, a mixture which gets to me almost every time. Add some piano into the background, and it’s no surprise at all that I fell in love with this song at first listen.

The MV itself is nice and simple, but also captures the nostalgia of the lyrics, which I really like. There isn’t too much going on, but it’s not boring, either. At least, I didn’t find it boring.

I know this song was a remake of an older one, but I think that IU did a beautiful job.

And now, without further ado…the final lyric to finish this post off.

“If you hear this song, please come to me. My dear…I’m waiting.”