Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great Valentine’s day so far (Or Singles Awareness Day, which is cool too).

It seems like everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by pink and red fluff and lace and, of course, chocolate. Oh, and florists. Can’t forget florists and their multi-coloured roses.

I’m already anticipating all the chocolate that will go on sale starting tomorrow…I know that sounds a little sad, but hey…you can never have enough chocolate. At least, that’s what I think.

Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope you have a great one!


Gowns & Guys: A Comparison

I'm With_Single

Hello everyone! So…we’ve all had some sort of negative experience with relationships and/or love…that sort of thing, right? Well, I was thinking about it the other, and came up with this little piece…a little bit more of my rambling for you all.

I’ve decided to guys and relationships in general can be compared to dresses (Gowns made a catchier title, but who really wears those nowadays, besides brides?). Maybe I’m just crazy but hey…as long as it makes sense to me, right?

1) We all have a certain style…some like their dresses to be frilly and showy, others a little more low-key and classic. Sometimes, though, we try on something that surprises us. We wouldn’t think that we’d like it, but it really suits us.

2) We’ve all had a dress that we’ve really liked…a favourite, you could say, that you think you’ll never get tired of wearing. But then it starts to lose its charm and another one catches your eye, and you begin to wonder…or maybe you’ve grown out of it. Sometimes the sentimental value we associate with the dress convinces us otherwise, or we try it on again and am reminded of how good it looks. Other times, though…we realize that something else may be better and move on.

3) There are dresses we see and then think, “Wow…this looks great!” and then try it on. And then realize that it doesn’t really suit us. Sometimes it looks great at the store and so you buy it…and then realize maybe it wasn’t really what you were looking for. Sometimes we realize this too late, once we’ve lost the receipt, and it becomes more of a hassle. And then we wonder…should we really keep it despite it all?

4) Some dresses may catch our eye, but then we decide that it’s not really worth it. Maybe we can’t afford it, or we think it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s too much like another of ours and we want something a little different. Or maybe it’s not really our style. Maybe it’d be better on someone else. Or it might seem nice on the rack, but does it really fit into your life and style?

5) Finally…rather than forcing ourselves to fit the dress, I’ve found that it works wonders if the dress fits you instead. Rather than dieting, dealing with that too-tight bodice or wearing a style that you think looks horrible but everyone else swears looks great on you, it’d be much better to find a dress that just fits you in the first place. Much less of a hassle, and you’ll like it way more.

These are just my thoughts…feel free to ignore them.

A lot has happened to me in the past year, and, currently, I think I’m just going to step back and breathe, take the time to think about myself and what I am in life. Basically, I’m just going to stay single until things settle down. I have a lot to worry about and don’t feel like I’d be a good other half in a relationship right now because I don’t even know what I really want yet.

I think that there are more important things I should focus on right now…so, for now at least, I’ll just enjoy the single life. Taking time off for myself, hanging out with friends and “Ohh”ing at the occasional cute guy…sounds good for now.