Things I Wonder About…

Lost and Confused Signpost

In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of people do things that I don’t quite understand…I won’t go into it too much, but maybe some of you have wondered the same thing? Or have even done the same things?

1) People who register for morning classes but can never wake up early enough in the morning, therefore missing pretty much every one of those classes. Why did you even register for that time?

2) People who only ever go to 3 classes per semester: Midterm, major assignment and the final exam (Although I guess that’s not really a class). And pass. Are you Einstein?

3) People who I always see/hear about buying a ton of clothes, but I seem to always just see them in the same couple of outfits. Do I have a bad memory, or do you just buy the clothes for fun?

4) People who manage to completely switch up their wardrobe with the trends. Where the heck do all the old clothes go?

5) People who act really immature and childish in front of the people they like. Does all that high-pitched squealing/poking fun at all the people in your vicinity really work?

6) People who get on the bus with gigantic backpacks…which end up (precariously close to) smacking you in the face the rest of the bus ride. Do you not hear my ‘excuse me’s and notice the irritated poking at said backpack, or are you just choosing to ignore me?

I could probably go on forever…but I’ll just stop here. By the way, I’ve probably been guilty of that last one at least once, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering why it happens at all. Although I don’t think I will ever understand #5…seriously, does that work? I’m genuinely curious.


Early Birthday Shopping


So…with Christmas over, stores everywhere are breaking out their “Sale” signs. Which means lots of cheap stuff.

Sure, you can probably find a lot of great stuff for yourself, but I find that this is the best time of year to start buying birthday gifts. Not only is it nice to get it out of the way early (And it’ll be great in case I forget closer to the day of, which tends to happen), there’s so much you could get for so little!

I even get a little bit of extra early Christmas shopping done during this time. Anything that I think will make a nice Christmas gift, plus wrapping and all that kind of stuff, I consider purchasing. Seriously…this is the perfect time to buy wrapping stuff for next year, since a lot of stuff is ~70-75% off at this time. A bag of 50 bows and spools of ribbon for $0.50 each, wrapping paper for $1.50 and cute little gift bags for $0.25 each…it’ll save you a lot of money for the coming Christmas.

I like to make a list of all the birthdays in the coming year and then another detailing what I’ve bought and for what occasion it’s for (Birthday, Christmas, etc.). I generally get notebooks during Christmas, so they’re great to use for this purpose. I also get a lot of gift bags, which go towards organizing all the gifts and such that I’ve bought (Until they can be re-used, that is).

I can never finish all of the Christmas shopping at this time (Since a lot of stuff is sold out and there might be things I want to gift people closer to the date), since it probably isn’t a great idea to buy food and skincare items a year in advance. Getting a nice chunk of it done slowly throughout the year pays off once the holiday shopping season comes around again, though.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year~


I’m sure most of you know this song, and many of you are probably tired of it, but hey…I can’t get tired of Christmas.

I pretty much have everything I need, save for a few small stocking stuffer type things. And by that, I mean the little chocolates and such that I put in with people’s gifts.

Also, the hot chocolate on a stick idea that I talked about in a previous post turned out pretty nicely. I plan to wrap these in some cellophane and add a bow for the perfect finishing touch. I’ll probably give them out with peppermint candy canes, so people can make peppermint hot chocolate if they wish.

Thinking about different things I can make for people and how I can put together great presents within my limited budget can be difficult, but it’s always fun. Browsing the stores and trying to think of creative ways to package things and then that moment when an idea hits…it’s all part of the fun of the holidays.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great holiday season so far…Christmas is so soon…I simply can’t wait!

Less Than 30 Days Until Christmas~


I can’t be the only one getting more excited with each passing day…before we know it, it’ll be Christmas once again!

I still have some shopping to do, and some things to make and plan, but I don’t see any of this as a chore of any sort…in fact, I love it. Maybe I’m just being infected with all the Christmas spirit…or perhaps it’s just me, who knows.

Either way, I always find it so unbelievable how fast December the 25th comes, yet it also seems like I’m waiting forever for it to finally be Christmas. Strange, huh?

However, I at least have a good idea of what I’m giving people for Christmas…and some cute little DIY gifts and wrapping ideas, as well! I have most things planned out, or at least have a good idea of what I want to do, so now I just need to get everything ready and then hope all goes well!

This year I have finally given in to the blessing and curse that is online shopping. A great place to find great deals and gifts for people…but also full of…well, everything you could think of, and all this online shopping will not be good for me. Before, it was mostly only Korean cosmetics, but I can feel it spreading…

Anyways, I hope Christmas preparations are all going well for you guys…and I’ll be back soon with a few last-minute, easy gift ideas (Both store-bought and DIY)!

And So The Search Begins…


The search for what, you may ask? Well…the search for the perfect present, of course!

Yep…it’s that time of year again.

The malls are decorated with sparkling lights and festive displays fill the windows of stores, all of whom are breaking out the “Limited Edition Holiday Sets” (Many of which I am eyeing for after the holidays). And we’re here freaking out, unsure of what to get for those on our list.

“Would she like this?”, “Wait…does she already have this?”, “What in the world would he want…”, “Shopping for guys is hard”…phrases that pop into my mind several times during the holiday season.

That plus the crazy crowds at the malls, especially as it gets closer and closer to Christmas.

I still really enjoy it…the satisfaction of finally finding the perfect gift, and then seeing the smile on their face when they get it…it’s all worth it. I think of it as a way of appreciating your friends and family, and maybe even significant others, and making their day, or their holiday, a little bit better.

I’ll probably spend a lot of time this month racking my brain and scouring the stores for those perfect gifts. At the same time, though, my anticipation and excitement for Christmas will grow.

As frustrating as it can be sometimes, Christmas is still my favourite holiday of the entire year…and it’s getting closer and closer!