Customer Service…

One of my recent posts was about an awful customer service experience with Rogers, and, lately, I’ve decided to shed some light on some very good customer service.


One of the websites with the best customer service, in my experience, is BornPrettyStore.

Most of their items incredibly cheap (Especially when you take in the fact that shipping is free) and they have a huge selection of items, but their customer service is also definitely worth a mention.

I’ve only had to contact them 3 times or so, and all my issues were handles both promptly and well, which seems to be pretty rare nowadays.

The first time, they sent me the wrong colour for a product. I got a reply within 24 hours and they immediately sent me the correct colour, giving me the other one for free.

The second time, I had a question about one of my orders. My question was answered promptly and also within 24 hours.

The third time was, in my opinion, pretty amazing. I asked a question about some of the products, and I got a reply within 15 minutes, and the problem was resolved just like that.

Amazing, right? You don’t really see customer service like that anymore.

Anyways, just thought that I’d mention that to you guys. I think that customer service like that is worth a mention…especially with all the terrible customer service that seems to be almost everywhere.

It serves as a nice reminder that consistently decent, even good, customer service still very much exists.

Another site worth a mention: Jolse. They reply promptly as well, and it’s very easy to resolve any problems, and they’re extremely helpful should you have any questions about their products.

Half-decent customer service? Kpoptown. They reply promptly, and their replies are very straightforward and to the point, but they also seem pretty dismissive to me. It’s bordering ‘rude’, but not quite there. However, the prompt replies and the answers (Although presented in a way that I don’t exactly like) are helpful, which makes them half-decent in my book.


Well…That Was Rude


Hi everyone…so, as you can tell from the title, this isn’t going to be a very happy-go-lucky post.

The other day, I was walking down the street with a friend, and this woman was just walking towards us in a straight line, not making any effort at all to dodge us or move, so we stepped apart and she walked right between us without a word or even a glance.

My friend was pretty unlucky, though…her reaction time wasn’t quite fast enough, and so what did this lady do?

Shoved her. Yeah, just pushed her towards the curb (That’s dangerous, lady!). Again, done without a word or even a glance, just shoved her out of the way and kept walking like nothing had happened.

Well, then…that was obviously not very nice. The people you encounter sometimes…I mean, hello? Some manners would be nice, thanks.

I mean, yes, we all have those moments where we forget our manners and whatnot. But doing things like that is just…well…let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

Lesson learned: Don’t go around shoving people on the street because that’s rude.

…perhaps lesson ‘reaffirmed’ would be a better way to put it.

Rude Customer Service


The perfect picture for this post…taken from this article. At least I know I’m not the only one.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s gotten this before…rude customer service agents.

I was talking to some Rogers one yesterday and, though I’ve dealt with a lot of rude customer service agents from many different companies, this guy really takes the cake.

I mean, sure I’ve had people who’ve just had rude attitudes, but I expect them to at least be able to help me to some extent…this guy, though, didn’t even do that much. Why else would I call in if I didn’t need help? If these people can’t even do that much, what in the world are they getting paid for? And no, it wasn’t that this guy couldn’t help me exactly…he just refused to. Which seems ridiculous to me, since I’m pretty sure that’s his job.

I’m being pretty vague, I know…allow me to explain a little bit more.

Basically, I had to call in because of a problem I was having (Obviously…I don’t think anybody would ever want to call to simply exchange pleasantries). The guy on the phone was incredibly rude, but he also very literally refused to help. He essentially told me that he could and would not help me unless I figured out a way to solve my own problem, and he was pretty impatient about waiting for me to do that, too.

Excuse me…isn’t that your job?

I’m pretty sure that, if all of us could simply solve our problems on our own, we wouldn’t be calling in…and you’d be out of a job, that’s for sure.

Oh, and this was actually my second time calling…the first time, there was only a “hello”, a few words exchanged and then the call got cut off suddenly. I suspect it was the same guy, actually.

Anyways, continuing on…

I then hung up and decided to call in again, hoping to get a more cooperative agent…and somehow managed to get the same guy again (I don’t think there were many people in that department, for whatever reason). Well, then. I’m pretty sure that he knew it was me, since his attitude was very dismissive and he kept implying that I was lying, asking questions such as “Is this really your account?”, “Why do I hear voices in the background? Is someone telling you what to say?” (Uh, excuse me, but that latter question is a bit uncalled for…and that is a stupid thing to assume…I can complain about my own problems, thank you very much). Then, he simply didn’t offer any help this time. He just told me I had to refer to another department (I’m assuming, this he wasn’t very clear and seemed bored and very unwilling to help) and just hung up almost immediately after saying that bit.

He didn’t even give me the number to this other department or anything.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he isn’t paid by commission.

I’m also going to say, with that assumption in mind, that he probably should be. Maybe that’d help his attitude a little. Or at least make him useful in some way.

Oh, and not a word of apology for anything, not even the fact that I was having problems…well, that’s new. I would’ve thought that was in a handbook of some sort or something.

He didn’t give me his name or anything at all, actually. The conversation began with a bored, “Hello?”.

There was also a Fido associate there (I was trying to get a new cellphone), who was incredibly helpful (And also made a side remark about the idiot who was on the phone with me and how she didn’t understand why he was being like that). And I did get her name…good things happen to good people (Or people on commission who can not only actually do their job, but do it well, too).

By the way, Mr. I Apparently Don’t Need This Job (At least, that’s how he was acting), I’m complaining to Rogers. I may not have your name, but I’m pretty sure I have enough information and proof to pinpoint you…or, I suppose, for your manager to figure out who you are.

And, on second thought, you shouldn’t be paid by commission. You should just go work somewhere where you actually do your job.

[Rant] Replying (Or Lack Thereof) & Calling Back

Missing Calls_Calling Back_Voicemail

I ask myself this every time…

Hi everyone!

Anyways, another rant…something that pretty much always gets on my nerves. And, this time at least, I know that I’m not the only one who experiences this.

Before I start, though: Yes, I understand people do not usually sit around waiting on replies of others. And that people don’t always check theirs phones and whatever. Heck, there have been times when I haven’t seen a text until 3 days later (I used to shut off my phone during class and would sometimes forget to turn it back on for days). So I won’t talk about that. What I’m talking about is chatting to people online, just so we’re clear.

I seem to experience this problem with a majority of people that I chat with…and that is not getting a reply for a while. I usually get a reply almost right away for the greeting, but then…nothing. Maybe a bit of conversation, then they disappear, sometimes re-appearing later, sometimes not.

Oh, they’re online the entire time. Just apparently not replying to me.

On Facebook, you can see when somebody’s seen your message, right? Well…sometimes people see my replies, but don’t say anything. Worse? I’ve had people see my replies, not reply, then reply a little while later to a group chat…well then…thanks.

And then you know what happens? I say ‘bye’ and then get a reply almost right away. I think I’d feel better if they didn’t reply at all. What I basically get from that is, “Yeah, I saw your previous reply and could’ve replied at any time, but chose not to”. Rude, much?

One word replies, replies that consist just of links or a single emoticon. Those are sort of annoying, too. I mean, is it really that difficult to type a few words? I don’t think so, since I do it all the time.

I understand sometimes people are busy and whatever, that happens to me to. But it happens all the time. Even when people say they’re not busy. You say you’re not doing anything and you’re online the entire time, but you totally ignore me?

The worst times? When I type long paragraphs and get one word replies. And it happens time after time. I hate that. Obviously, I wouldn’t be typing this much to you if I didn’t want you to actually have a real conversation with me. And I wouldn’t be telling you this much, either. But yet I get one word replies each time. Well…guess who’s getting the short replies next time? I’ll find someone else to share my paragraphs with, thank you very much (Thank God for those few good friends who actually talk to me and have actual conversations, however mundane they may seem, with me!).

Oh, and let’s not forget how, when I’m busy and take a little longer than usual to reply, they always say things like, “Why are you ignoring me?” or typing more replies to try to get my attention. So, essentially, it’s okay for them to do that to me, but not for me to do the same.

Conveniently, whenever I get tired of the non-replies and stop talking to them, they decide to strike up conversations and actually reply. And then stop again later. Because that’ll make me want to talk to them next time. Oh, definitely.

And no, I am not obsessed with talking to everyone and can’t be alone or whatever you may be thinking. Some conversation with another human every once in a while is nice. And so are manners. Usually, it’s other people that start these conversations. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t start things start things that you’re not going to finish or follow through with?

Oh, and before you ask, yes I have told them that I have a problem with this…nicely, mind you. They all just apologize, and then continue doing it again the next day. So now I don’t really bother. It’s pointless if it they don’t remember what I said for more than 24 hours.

I compare these to phone conversations: If you were talking to somebody over the phone, or even on a video chat, would you suddenly stop talking and then maybe start talking again 3 hours later? Would you suddenly just make a face and say nothing else, or hold up a random picture or article? No. (And if you do do that…well…then I guess you can do that on chat, too…)

And speaking of phone conversations…calling people back. Have you ever experienced those times when you call someone back right after you miss their call, and there’s no answer?

How does that even happen? I have never once been unable to answer the call of a person right after they call me. Do you silence your phone and throw it on a table or something? Also, if you really wanted to call me, wouldn’t you be keeping your phone on you in case I call back?

So…that was a pretty long rant. I could probably go on for longer, but I won’t.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend…and preferably experience none of what I was just ranting about.

Also: This isn’t entirely relevant, but I thought of these lyric from BTS’s “Danger”:
“Does your phone work right? Really? […] I’m sick of this! […] You always send me just 1 or 2 lines of text messages and that’s it.”

Stay Classy, Ladies…


This picture isn’t exactly related…but I really liked this quote, so…in the post it goes.

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing well lately. It’s finally the weekend, though, so we all get a bit of a break.

Anyways, let me share a little story with you guys on this fine Saturday evening:

So I had something important to do last week and made myself up a bit for it, foundation, some nude eyeshadow and just went for an overall natural look.

Lucky me, though, it happened to be raining that day. And I didn’t have a raincoat. Or a hood, for that matter. I also realized my bus, which came once every 30 minutes, was coming in 3 minutes so I ran through the rain, hoping I’d make it in time.

Fortunately, my make-up still looked fine after (Total win!). I also realized my watch was a couple minutes fast, so I got there about 5 minutes before the bus came…no need to run after all, I guess.

Unfortunately, I had a very…nice group of ladies sitting in the bus shelter who pointed and laughed at the unfortunate young girl who streaked through the rain thinking she was going to be late for the bus.

Thanks. I appreciate it, ladies.

No, really. We need people like you to remind us all of that kindergarten lesson where we learned about manners and being polite.

They were still chuckling, very obviously, at me when we got on the bus.

Well, alright then. I suppose you really meet all kinds of people on public transportation, huh?