[Rant] Trends and Opinions


Another rant heading your way…this time about trends and how they affect people’s opinions. Well, more like how trends seem to be the basis of some people’s opinions.

The people I’m referring to in this post are the ones that’ll change their preferences based on the current trend, and often contradict themselves.

For example, a few months ago one of my favourite tea stores opened in a mall nearby (I used to have to go to the other side of the city). I went there with a few friends and one commented on how she didn’t like tea because of its taste and doesn’t really ever drink it.

Fast forward to less than a month later, when she’s buying tea travel mugs and tea bags from the store and raving about how amazing tea is and how she drinks it practically everyday. I suspect this may be because my friends and I really like the store, and it seems to have become popular with the general populous (At least, where I am).

I also have friends who have commented on how strange my body chain was when I first wore it. When it became a trend a few months later, they all wanted one because they thought it looked so cool.

Or when I go shopping with them, and they comment on tops they like and really want, but it’s too expensive. A few months later, they see it on sale and don’t like it anymore. It’s always the newest, shiniest thing they want. And they always ditch the things they get whenever new trends replace them.

I think that’s what bothers me the most, besides the contradictory opinions.

I understand that sometimes you think you don’t like something at first, and then it grows on you. I’ve had that happen to me. But I don’t understand how people can just follow trends like that, always ditching one opinion for another, more popular one. Isn’t it tiring at all?


[Rant] Opened Lip Products (And Many Other Beauty Products)

So…I saw a lipstick that I wanted to get the other day and, after sifting through all 4 tubes (They didn’t have very many out), I realized that none of them had seals of any kind on them. And they all looked used. Well…okay.


I decided to go to a different store and discovered the same thing except I saw that one of them had some plastic wrap on the bottom, and realized they were all packaged up before, but people opened (and used) them all.

Well, okay then. I guess that explains why I never saw more than 4 tubes in any store, because if there were more, people would just open and test those ones. And they were plastic wrapped, too.

I don’t really get why people do that. Yes, there’s no tester (And it would be nice if there was one, because I’m sure people would be less prone to opening new ones if there was) so I can understand you want to know what the exact colour and consistency are like. But why open every single one? That seems pretty pointless to me.

This goes for a lot of beauty products. People opening new ones, even when there are already testers. It especially bothers me for lip products because, well…those things go on your lips. I don’t really want to buy something that I’m going to use on my lips that some other stranger has already used.

Okay, the testers have been used by who knows what kind of people. Fine. Then just don’t use them. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to open and test new ones, because if you do, then people are probably not going to buy that one so it’s a waste if you’re not going to buy one.

It honestly annoys me to no end when I see that people have opened and tried pretty much every single one on the shelf. Please, let’s just all be civil and respectful and good consumers, and not do things like this, okay?

[Rant] Irresponsible People


Haven’t done one of these in a few months…but something I experienced a few days ago made me decide to write one.

When you tell someone that you’re going to help them with something, you should at least take it seriously. At least, that’s what I think. Apparently, though, some people seem to feel like this sort of thing comes with an unspoken, “If I feel like it” tacked on at the end.

I should probably give you a brief (Sort of) description of what happened.

I was part of an outdoor event that needed volunteers to help out, and we were seriously short on volunteers so I asked some friends who were planning on coming anyways to help out. They didn’t want to get up early in the morning, so I arranged it with the organizer so that they could come later. They helped out during the first part, and then told me they were going to explore a little bit. I wanted to get lunch, so I told them the time they had to be back and left.

A little while later, I thought maybe I’d explore with them, spend a little time with my friends, since they came to this event because of me. I text them and find out they’ve apparently bussed to a completely different part of the city. I asked if they were going to come back soon. You know what reply I got?

Something along these lines: “It’s too cold, so we don’t want to help anymore. We’re not coming back, we decided to go to the mall and we’re going out to eat later instead.”

Great. Thanks.

It was so last-minute that for the next part of the event, where we needed more volunteers, some of the volunteers ended up having to take way too much of the work. And we scrambled to think of a way to make things a little easier on them, but didn’t have much time (We had less than an hour).

No apologies or anything, either. No, “Hey, sorry, we decided to bail. Good luck.” Just straight up leaving because they felt like it, and not even knowing they did anything wrong. Really?

One of the only reasons this gets to me so much is that these were people who I thought I could trust, because they were my friends. I thought, “Hey, we can all take care of ourselves here. It’s fine if they want to explore a little on their own”, not “Maybe I should babysit them to make sure they don’t run off”. I really thought that they wouldn’t bail on me just because they felt like it because I would never do that. Guess I was wrong.

Irresponsible people in general, though, have always bothered me. Sure, we’ve all broken promises. I have, too. But it’s things like this especially that irritate me. When people break promises on a whim, only thinking of themselves, and not of the people who may be affected by it.

When you commit to helping with someone, if you end up not doing it, then somebody else has to do it. So, basically, you’re being irresponsible and forcing somebody else to take up your responsibilities at the last-minute.

And this means that your friends will probably see you as much less reliable. That should be a given. But maybe having your friends think of you as reliable and dependable isn’t important to you. If nobody thinks you’re reliable or dependable, you’re never going to be asked for any favours, right?

I know I’m being totally cynical right now, and yes, I am exaggerating. But that doesn’t mean I think any of this is untrue or that I am any less annoyed than I seem to be with with this kind of irresponsibility.

Another thing that comes out of this?

Now all the people who organized and volunteered at the event (Many of whom I know personally) also know how…great my friends are.

[Rant] Replying (Or Lack Thereof) & Calling Back

Missing Calls_Calling Back_Voicemail

I ask myself this every time…

Hi everyone!

Anyways, another rant…something that pretty much always gets on my nerves. And, this time at least, I know that I’m not the only one who experiences this.

Before I start, though: Yes, I understand people do not usually sit around waiting on replies of others. And that people don’t always check theirs phones and whatever. Heck, there have been times when I haven’t seen a text until 3 days later (I used to shut off my phone during class and would sometimes forget to turn it back on for days). So I won’t talk about that. What I’m talking about is chatting to people online, just so we’re clear.

I seem to experience this problem with a majority of people that I chat with…and that is not getting a reply for a while. I usually get a reply almost right away for the greeting, but then…nothing. Maybe a bit of conversation, then they disappear, sometimes re-appearing later, sometimes not.

Oh, they’re online the entire time. Just apparently not replying to me.

On Facebook, you can see when somebody’s seen your message, right? Well…sometimes people see my replies, but don’t say anything. Worse? I’ve had people see my replies, not reply, then reply a little while later to a group chat…well then…thanks.

And then you know what happens? I say ‘bye’ and then get a reply almost right away. I think I’d feel better if they didn’t reply at all. What I basically get from that is, “Yeah, I saw your previous reply and could’ve replied at any time, but chose not to”. Rude, much?

One word replies, replies that consist just of links or a single emoticon. Those are sort of annoying, too. I mean, is it really that difficult to type a few words? I don’t think so, since I do it all the time.

I understand sometimes people are busy and whatever, that happens to me to. But it happens all the time. Even when people say they’re not busy. You say you’re not doing anything and you’re online the entire time, but you totally ignore me?

The worst times? When I type long paragraphs and get one word replies. And it happens time after time. I hate that. Obviously, I wouldn’t be typing this much to you if I didn’t want you to actually have a real conversation with me. And I wouldn’t be telling you this much, either. But yet I get one word replies each time. Well…guess who’s getting the short replies next time? I’ll find someone else to share my paragraphs with, thank you very much (Thank God for those few good friends who actually talk to me and have actual conversations, however mundane they may seem, with me!).

Oh, and let’s not forget how, when I’m busy and take a little longer than usual to reply, they always say things like, “Why are you ignoring me?” or typing more replies to try to get my attention. So, essentially, it’s okay for them to do that to me, but not for me to do the same.

Conveniently, whenever I get tired of the non-replies and stop talking to them, they decide to strike up conversations and actually reply. And then stop again later. Because that’ll make me want to talk to them next time. Oh, definitely.

And no, I am not obsessed with talking to everyone and can’t be alone or whatever you may be thinking. Some conversation with another human every once in a while is nice. And so are manners. Usually, it’s other people that start these conversations. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t start things start things that you’re not going to finish or follow through with?

Oh, and before you ask, yes I have told them that I have a problem with this…nicely, mind you. They all just apologize, and then continue doing it again the next day. So now I don’t really bother. It’s pointless if it they don’t remember what I said for more than 24 hours.

I compare these to phone conversations: If you were talking to somebody over the phone, or even on a video chat, would you suddenly stop talking and then maybe start talking again 3 hours later? Would you suddenly just make a face and say nothing else, or hold up a random picture or article? No. (And if you do do that…well…then I guess you can do that on chat, too…)

And speaking of phone conversations…calling people back. Have you ever experienced those times when you call someone back right after you miss their call, and there’s no answer?

How does that even happen? I have never once been unable to answer the call of a person right after they call me. Do you silence your phone and throw it on a table or something? Also, if you really wanted to call me, wouldn’t you be keeping your phone on you in case I call back?

So…that was a pretty long rant. I could probably go on for longer, but I won’t.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend…and preferably experience none of what I was just ranting about.

Also: This isn’t entirely relevant, but I thought of these lyric from BTS’s “Danger”:
“Does your phone work right? Really? […] I’m sick of this! […] You always send me just 1 or 2 lines of text messages and that’s it.”

[Mini-Rant] Please Continue To Stay On The Line…


My feelings exactly…

“Thank you for your patience. All of our agents are currently busy assisting other callers. Your call is very important to us, so please continue to stay on the line. *Insert elevator music and miscellaneous ads here*” And then you’ll hear it again in about 5 minutes…and again…and again. And each time, there’ll be a slight pause and you’ll wonder whether or not someone has finally taken your call…but nope. It’s just the same stupid automated message.

Honestly, this always bothers me. I usually call because I’m annoyed and having to hear the same automated message over and over isn’t going to make me any nicer by the time someone finally picks up my call.

They probably think that if they make you wait long enough, you’ll eventually relent, hang up and they won’t have to deal with you. But nope, they won’t have it that easy with me. I’ll stay on the line until you answer my call, and nothing is going to make the end the call. Nothing (Short of an apocalypse). Not even if I have to wait for hours (Which has happened before).

Really, though…I feel bad for those agents. They get all these annoyed customers who rant to them as if they own the company. I understand, guys. Although I’ve gotten some rude and/or pushy agents, and I definitely don’t appreciate that. But I understand how annoying us annoyed people can be.

But hey…we all have to agree the stupid automated message is annoying. But thanks for playing it every 5 minutes to mock how I race to go get the phone every time because I think that someone’s finally going to pick up.

I really appreciate you keeping my reflexes sharp.



These little things called ‘hashtags’…I’ve been seeing them literally everywhere. On Twitter, Facebook posts and even when I’m chatting with people. Both online and in real life. And all of those little acronyms? These have been slowly making their way into my conversations with others. In real life. Who needs real words, am I right?

Well, my first problem is with hashtags in chats. What is even the point? They don’t link to anything, they don’t actually do anything, so why put them there in the first place? Tagging things in posts and pictures and whatnot I can understand, and the ridiculous, over-the-top ones are even sort of funny, However…do you really need to use one every 3 sentences in a chat?

Next…all these ‘LOL’, ‘ROFL’, ‘TBH’, ‘BRB’ types of things? I get why people use them in chat and texting…heck, even I occasionally use them. They save time and are way easier to type in a rush. But, in real life, it just sounds weird in a conversation when you start saying, “TBH, that didn’t taste very good, LOL.”. Or “I’ll BRB”. We are all perfectly capable of saying, “To be honest” or “Be right back”, I’m sure. And saying “LOL” instead of actually laughing is a little sad…TBH.

And people who say ‘hashtag’ in real life? Don’t even get me started.

Honestly, though…I never really understand why people do that. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it except watch as it gets more and more prominent. Well…maybe someone out there will understand how I feel. Or not.

Mini-Rant: No Smoking Signs


No-smoking signs…you’ve probably seen at least one of these somewhere. It’s probably more likely you’ve seen a million of these hard to miss, bright red signs. They’re supposed to prevent people from smoking in places where it might bother others…mostly really public places, like mall entrances, school, government institutions, etc.

The sad reality: People are always ignoring them. I see people smoking around them constantly, sometimes even right in front of them.

Do you people not see the signs? Or do you really just not care? These people should really show some respect for others.

I have a friend who has mild asthma and the smoke from cigarettes bother her a lot…if there’s a lot of it, she starts coughing and such. One day, we were at school and were waiting for one of our other friends and sat down on the bench. We sat right in front of the area with the ‘No Smoking’ sign and then, along comes this guy…who just starts smoking, pretty much right beside the sign.

We ended up moving because she was too close to the smoke…hello, do you not see the girl coughing while running in the opposite direction?

Apparently not, because he just keeps blowing smoke.

Well, okay.

I might not start coughing, but I don’t like being surrounded by clouds of smoke, thank you very much. If you want to smoke, that’s your choice and I’m not going to say anything about that, but at least do it somewhere where you’re actually allowed to. Not in front of the mall doors when there are signs that specifically say “No smoking within 10 metres of this building”.

The signs are there for a reason, people…let’s show a little respect, alright?

[Rant] Wait…Who Became What?

ZEA_Lee Hoo_Junyoung_준영

Okay, so I follow K-Pop news sort of…by that, I mean I just click on whatever shows up on my newsfeed (And a lot shows up on my newsfeed). So I’m sort following that whole Z:EA threatening this (very shady) Star Empire company, wondering what will happen and all (I mean…a K-Pop idol is finally standing up for themselves), and then I suddenly stumble upon this article one evening:

ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo announces big changes to Star Empire and their contract

Well…okay. Hello new CEO who apparently changes his statement faster than I can keep up. I can’t really figure the guy out, but I don’t seem to be the only one.

I’ve seen so many Netizens debating over whether he truly fought for rights, whether those initial tweets were cries for help and whether he’s satisfied with just getting the extra money (I’ve seen, and I quote: “7:3…? I would shut up, too”.).

Honestly, there’s something that I think should apply to every situation, including this one, and it’s “You’ll never know the whole truth”. Along with, “There’s three sides to every story…his, hers and the truth”. Obviously, in this case, there’s no ‘her’, but you get the message.

Yes, we’re curiously, especially when it has something to do with our ‘Oppa’ and, at least me for me, particularly since it has to do with an idol actually truly speaking up for once. Yes, we know about the conditions and pressure, yes, most of us knew about the shadiness of Star Empire beforehand. But no, we can’t be sure of anything so why bother trying to really figure out what’s happened? Even if we did, would that matter?

All we know is this: Lee Hoo threatens the CEO, tells the public about how horrible they’ve been treated under Star Empire, they have a ‘discussion’, and *bam*, changes to the company.

Rather than debating this and that and trying to figure out what exactly was said behind closed doors and whose motives were what (Oh, human curiosity), can’t we all just be content and move on? This may not be the best ending, and sure, this seems suspicious and something is probably up (I’ve seen everything from “He just wanted money” to “He must know some huge secret about the CEO”) but, in the end, we love idols for their music and looks and whatnot.

We don’t know them, and most of us never will…it’s the reality that comes with loving a celebrity. So let’s just say, “Hey, this ended without going to court or something equally frustrating or something worse” and move past this.

Past is the past, especially when it’s the past of people who might as well be strangers to us.

To anyone who may actually know Lee Hoo or the CEO, well…good for you. Too bad the rest of us don’t have the knowledge you may have. So I suppose we’ll just have to deal with that and accept that fact and rather than speculating…and, despite all of this, I will probably go through pretty much the same feelings once the next scandal starts.

It’s always the same thing, no matter what the scandal is…there are pretty much 4 types of people on the forums:

1) People who seem to enjoy pointing out the idol’s mistakes and saying things like “horrible human being”, “never supporting him/her (again)”, “just in it for the money” and the totally unnecessary “s/he should die” (Really people?)

2) The “no matter what I’ll always support you” fans (Who usually get bashed by other people)…but, seriously…if they can’t change your opinion, you probably can’t change theirs, so I never understood the people the waste so much time arguing with eachother knowing the other will never change, no matter how many times you call call them “cruel to the idol” or a “delusional fan”.

3) The some what more in between people who make comments such as “Yes, s/he was wrong…but this may not be what we think” or “I used to be/still is a fan, and I didn’t expect this from him/her, but I don’t think they deserve people leaving bashing them like this”

4) The people who just read the comments (Me)

There is one last thing that I’ll say before I go though…I may sound cruel, but this is just me: I never knew the idol and didn’t like them for their personality (Which is at least partially fabricated for the cameras), but for their talent. Just because they did something wrong doesn’t mean their acting/characters/songs/whatever are any worse. I may not condone their actions or I may shake my head and say I didn’t expect that and lose respect for them, but I’m not going to suddenly never again watch a drama/MV I loved before. The scandal and the drama/MV have no relation other than the idol…and what’s wrong with the rest of the cast/producers?

Just thought I’d add my 5 cents. Please continue with whatever you were doing prior to stumbling upon this rambling of mine.

Min-Rant: Pedestrian Right of Way


Anyone experience one of those moments that just make you think, “What the heck happened to the whole ‘pedestrian right of way’, thing, huh?”

I just had one of those today. Let me tell you about this unpleasant experience:

I was crossing the sidewalk at an intersection with my mom (It was still on the walk signal) when, halfway across, some crazy idiot turns and doesn’t stop. Not only that, he stuck his head out the window long enough to point at the sidewalk behind us and yells for us to get out of the way. Excuse me, sir, but…WHAT? If he wasn’t in a car and I didn’t almost die…I would’ve totally argued with him.

This was only one of who knows how many times this kind of thing has happened…people almost mowing me down with their cars, speeding by when they see I’m about to cross and driving by so close that a few steps slower and I would be dead.

Honestly…I cannot be the only the only one who’s experienced this. Yeah, people are in a rush sometimes and don’t see you and whatnot, but let’s try not to kill any pedestrians, alright?