[Rant] Trends and Opinions


Another rant heading your way…this time about trends and how they affect people’s opinions. Well, more like how trends seem to be the basis of some people’s opinions.

The people I’m referring to in this post are the ones that’ll change their preferences based on the current trend, and often contradict themselves.

For example, a few months ago one of my favourite tea stores opened in a mall nearby (I used to have to go to the other side of the city). I went there with a few friends and one commented on how she didn’t like tea because of its taste and doesn’t really ever drink it.

Fast forward to less than a month later, when she’s buying tea travel mugs and tea bags from the store and raving about how amazing tea is and how she drinks it practically everyday. I suspect this may be because my friends and I really like the store, and it seems to have become popular with the general populous (At least, where I am).

I also have friends who have commented on how strange my body chain was when I first wore it. When it became a trend a few months later, they all wanted one because they thought it looked so cool.

Or when I go shopping with them, and they comment on tops they like and really want, but it’s too expensive. A few months later, they see it on sale and don’t like it anymore. It’s always the newest, shiniest thing they want. And they always ditch the things they get whenever new trends replace them.

I think that’s what bothers me the most, besides the contradictory opinions.

I understand that sometimes you think you don’t like something at first, and then it grows on you. I’ve had that happen to me. But I don’t understand how people can just follow trends like that, always ditching one opinion for another, more popular one. Isn’t it tiring at all?