Happy Halloween Everyone!


So…finally Halloween! Hope all of you out there have been having a good day…it’s going to get dark soon, and then…Halloween night!

I finally have everything ready, and I’m excited to see all of the costumes tonight. I put together a pretty last minute one but hey, better than nothing, right?

And then, after this…there will be a lot of candy on sale (Bad for my wallet and my teeth) and then the Christmas displays will start popping up all over the place! Already very excited for that…and eating some of that leftover Halloween candy is going to be a great way to spend the next few days while I plan my Christmas shopping trips.

Hope you’ll all have a great night…happy Halloween!


The Day Before Halloween…


Alright…it’s finally here! The day before Halloween…

Seeing all those decorations and Halloween candy and costumes everywhere makes me really excited…I’m not quite sure why I like this holiday so much, since I don’t go trick-or-treating and I hate horror movies…perhaps it’s the costumes. Or maybe just the fact that I love holidays. Who knows.

Today will be all about preparing for Halloween…costumes, candy, decorations…I’m even going to make a little time to do my nails. Nail art is a hobby of mine that I don’t do often, but I love it when I have a good reason for it.

I hope at least some of you out there share my excitement.