Kpop-apocalypse 2014…


I know this image isn’t exactly relevant, but it was one of the first things that came up when I searched up “Kpop-apocalypse 2014” on Google Images, and I just found it really funny…so here it is.

This was a pretty big thing this year…pretty much everything that happened was related back to this.

And a lot of stuff happened…a lot of it was bad, too, so I guess I could understand.

What I’m really curious about, though, is whether or not all of this bad stuff will continue into 2015, or if it’ll end with the year, like everybody is hoping for.

Obviously, I’m hoping for it to end, but I can’t help but wonder if it really is just 2014 or if it’s just…well, a Kpop-apocalypse in general without a real concrete end in sight. I really hope it’s not the latter.

Well…there are only a few days until the start of 2015, and then Kris’s and Luhan’s mediations are in January and we’ll soon know the fate of MBLAQ…I guess it won’t be long before we have our answer.


VIXX’s “Error” and K-Pop 2014…so much has happened in the past week!

VIXX_Error_Album Jacket

Hey everyone! So…I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving dinner, and got to spend time with your families.

I’m just here to post about K-Pop…since I haven’t really done much of that since starting this blog, and there’s a lot to talk about right now!

Luhan leaving EXO, Lee Joon and Thunder leaving MBLAQ, Sungmin getting married (That’s a good thing, though…unless he leaves Super Junior because of it, but let’s not think about that)…but I decided to focus on the positives instead.

Like all the comebacks we’ve had lately! SPICA and B2ST are coming back soon, and even Big Bang may make a comeback sometime soon (But then again, there’s always rumours about that)…and both BOYFRIEND and VIXX have released new music videos, both with amazing concepts!

But the VIXX one…just totally blew my mind. The MV had an amazing plot, even though it was so short, the concept is another one of my favourites (Second only to ‘Hyde’) and the song is really good, too. Honestly, I’m still getting over how amazing that music video was. It was just…if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out.

VIXX always comes out with amazing concepts and music videos, even though they can sometimes be a little creepy (‘Voodoo Doll’, anyone?) but I really love them. Looks like there will be even more albums I’ll have my eye on…which probably isn’t good, considering that I still have to buy my winter skincare stuff and am sort of broke right now…

Despite all of the bad things happening in K-Pop right now (And all of the talk about 2014 being cursed, and can’t it be over already?), at least there are some things to bring our spirits up a little!