[Rant] Wait…Who Became What?

ZEA_Lee Hoo_Junyoung_준영

Okay, so I follow K-Pop news sort of…by that, I mean I just click on whatever shows up on my newsfeed (And a lot shows up on my newsfeed). So I’m sort following that whole Z:EA threatening this (very shady) Star Empire company, wondering what will happen and all (I mean…a K-Pop idol is finally standing up for themselves), and then I suddenly stumble upon this article one evening:

ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo announces big changes to Star Empire and their contract

Well…okay. Hello new CEO who apparently changes his statement faster than I can keep up. I can’t really figure the guy out, but I don’t seem to be the only one.

I’ve seen so many Netizens debating over whether he truly fought for rights, whether those initial tweets were cries for help and whether he’s satisfied with just getting the extra money (I’ve seen, and I quote: “7:3…? I would shut up, too”.).

Honestly, there’s something that I think should apply to every situation, including this one, and it’s “You’ll never know the whole truth”. Along with, “There’s three sides to every story…his, hers and the truth”. Obviously, in this case, there’s no ‘her’, but you get the message.

Yes, we’re curiously, especially when it has something to do with our ‘Oppa’ and, at least me for me, particularly since it has to do with an idol actually truly speaking up for once. Yes, we know about the conditions and pressure, yes, most of us knew about the shadiness of Star Empire beforehand. But no, we can’t be sure of anything so why bother trying to really figure out what’s happened? Even if we did, would that matter?

All we know is this: Lee Hoo threatens the CEO, tells the public about how horrible they’ve been treated under Star Empire, they have a ‘discussion’, and *bam*, changes to the company.

Rather than debating this and that and trying to figure out what exactly was said behind closed doors and whose motives were what (Oh, human curiosity), can’t we all just be content and move on? This may not be the best ending, and sure, this seems suspicious and something is probably up (I’ve seen everything from “He just wanted money” to “He must know some huge secret about the CEO”) but, in the end, we love idols for their music and looks and whatnot.

We don’t know them, and most of us never will…it’s the reality that comes with loving a celebrity. So let’s just say, “Hey, this ended without going to court or something equally frustrating or something worse” and move past this.

Past is the past, especially when it’s the past of people who might as well be strangers to us.

To anyone who may actually know Lee Hoo or the CEO, well…good for you. Too bad the rest of us don’t have the knowledge you may have. So I suppose we’ll just have to deal with that and accept that fact and rather than speculating…and, despite all of this, I will probably go through pretty much the same feelings once the next scandal starts.

It’s always the same thing, no matter what the scandal is…there are pretty much 4 types of people on the forums:

1) People who seem to enjoy pointing out the idol’s mistakes and saying things like “horrible human being”, “never supporting him/her (again)”, “just in it for the money” and the totally unnecessary “s/he should die” (Really people?)

2) The “no matter what I’ll always support you” fans (Who usually get bashed by other people)…but, seriously…if they can’t change your opinion, you probably can’t change theirs, so I never understood the people the waste so much time arguing with eachother knowing the other will never change, no matter how many times you call call them “cruel to the idol” or a “delusional fan”.

3) The some what more in between people who make comments such as “Yes, s/he was wrong…but this may not be what we think” or “I used to be/still is a fan, and I didn’t expect this from him/her, but I don’t think they deserve people leaving bashing them like this”

4) The people who just read the comments (Me)

There is one last thing that I’ll say before I go though…I may sound cruel, but this is just me: I never knew the idol and didn’t like them for their personality (Which is at least partially fabricated for the cameras), but for their talent. Just because they did something wrong doesn’t mean their acting/characters/songs/whatever are any worse. I may not condone their actions or I may shake my head and say I didn’t expect that and lose respect for them, but I’m not going to suddenly never again watch a drama/MV I loved before. The scandal and the drama/MV have no relation other than the idol…and what’s wrong with the rest of the cast/producers?

Just thought I’d add my 5 cents. Please continue with whatever you were doing prior to stumbling upon this rambling of mine.