Jay Park’s “2013 Appetizer”

Jay Park_2013 Appetizer

So…I can’t believe I missed it when I first came out, but I never knew he had a song like this until my friend mentioned it and I had no idea what she was talking about.

After the standard Youtube lyric video searching, I found out that this song was in English, mostly…and, after listening to some of the lyrics, probably banned in Korea or something.

I guess it feels sort of strange when K-Pop idols swear, mostly because they rarely do…but I don’t really find that’s the case with Jay Park. Maybe it’s because, since he left 2PM, he’s been coming out with a lot of songs that are sort of like this. But, for some, this one stuck out…maybe because of that “definitely not suitable for broadcast in Korea” 1st verse? I don’t know.

Anyhow, I was a little astonished at first (I think K-Pop has made me a little too innocent), but then it really started to grow on me.

I even have a favourite part now:

“My name is Jay Park and I’m nice in two languages/ Check it out (Hah)” and then I get a total curveball thrown at me because he switches languages so flawlessly. Yes, he is definitely very nice no matter what language he’s speaking.

The one thing I can’t get over, though, is this:

“Man I jam jam boogie dog/Jam jam boogie dog”/Jam jam boogie (what? what?)” I’m the one who should be saying ‘what’. I know there’s almost always a little bit of weird, non-sensical English (Engrish) in K-Pop so I suppose I should just learn to tune these sorts of things out, but I think I have a harder time getting over this one because, well…Jay knows fluent English.

And it’s that line that’s repeated over, and over, and over in the song, too.

Sigh…I guess the Engrish really is unescapable. Well, at least this is still a pretty good song…even if I can’t take the chorus seriously.