Waiting For Your Haul…

Brown Parcel

I don’t think I’m the only one who experiences this. At least, I’m pretty sure that I’m not.

When I say this, I mean the anticipation that heightens when they say your packaging is shipping and then some more for a few more days, and then you slowly begin to forget about it.

Then, 3-8 weeks later (Or however long it takes to come…because even though some sites say 2-6 weeks, it never comes in 2 weeks, so…), when it finally comes, there’s that split second of confusion where you wonder why the heck you got a package in the mail.

And then you remember what it is, and you get really really excited.

Then you open it, happily going through the contents (And maybe even getting thrilled over a few samples), and arranging them on your dresser or wherever you put your stuff.

And then, a few months (Or maybe even less…) later, you make another haul. And the process repeats.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure this is what I’m going through right now. I ordered gifts for friends online, and I can’t wait for them to come. And I’m a little paranoid about the unreliability of shipping at the times when I actually need it to be reliable the most (I.e. for gifts and whatnot), so I always order extra early.

So…just another one of my random thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your days…I’ll just go about mine, occasionally blogging about it.


Haul Excitement~


Hi everyone! So…some of you guys might know what I’m talking about here, and some other people might just think I’m a little crazy or something.

What I’m talking about is that feeling of anticipation when you’re about to order a haul (Or min-haul, like in my case), and while you’re waiting for the package to get here so that you can finally get your hands on those products you’ve been eyeing!

But maybe I’m just a little crazy and easily excitable, I don’t know.

Anyways, I just placed my order for a few products (To change up my winter skincare, and also to replace a few old products that aren’t as effective anymore) and I already can’t wait for my package to arrive.

Strangely enough, my packages always seem to arrive when I’ve placed them on the back burners and have almost forgotten about them…basically, they’re always a nice little surprise to receive in the mail because I always seem to get them when I don’t expect them.

They’re sort of like little presents…from me to me. But hey, a nice little surprise in the mail is always appreciated. And so is the opportunity to try new products…samples are always nice, right?

Soon it’ll be time to browse sites looking for the perfect presents…and, like last December, a bunch of boxes will be arriving in my mail then!