Hot Chocolate In A Jar~

Hi everyone!


So, today I decided to share a quick and easy gift idea with you guys (Which I may have mentioned in a previous post…). Recently, I had to get a gift for someone that I didn’t know very well and saw hot chocolate in a jar being sold in some stores for around $10.00, which I thought was a little crazy. So I decided to just make my own.

I basically just bought these little packets of hot chocolate, a bag of marshmallows and a jar. Quite simple, really.

It was definitely cheaper than buying it pre-made, and I could combine different hot chocolate flavours (After Eight hot chocolate, anyone?).

I got 8 hot chocolate packets for around $4.00, marshmallows for around $2.00 and the jar for around $1.50. So, altogether, it only cost ~7.50. Not bad, right?

I ended up with a lot of leftover marshmallows, though, which I used for my hot chocolate on a sticks. I’ll probably save the rest for hot chocolate during Christmas, or just to snack on.

You could also get those tins of hot chocolate that go for around $3.00 each, which would be enough for around 2 or 3. So, really, you don’t have to spend much to put together this gift.

It’s really easy to put together, too…hot chocolate is basically everywhere right now (At least, where I am) and so are marshmallows. I got my jars from the dollar store, but you could probably find some in a bunch of other stores.

I like to put each element (The hot chocolate, marshmallows) in a little cellophane bag and then put in some chocolate or other sweets to fill up the rest of the jar. Then I tie a pretty ribbon around it as a finishing touch.

They’re super easy to customize…you can add anything you want to, really. Like in the above picture, you could add candy cane bits and chocolate chips if you want, add spices for spiced hot chocolate, or even make your own mix! Really, it’s all up to you and who you’re planning on giving this to.

So…if you’re still looking for a cheap and easy last-minute gift idea…you might want to consider this.

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Secret Santa~


Hi everyone! As you’ve probably noticed, more and more of my posts seem to be about Christmas. I suppose that’s just because of my excitement over the holiday…sorry!

Anyways, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that at least a few of you out there have participated in Secret Santa at one point or another in your life.

Don’t you hate it when you get that one person you sort of not really know, but have no idea what to get them as a gift?

And then you think you’ve found something, but it turns out to be over the price limit (Although there always seems to be that one person who goes way over and then claims, “I couldn’t help it” or “It wasn’t that much”…).

Or when you get somebody you know really really well, but you’ve already gotten them a gift and then finding another within the price limit is harder than it should be because you don’t want to disappoint them?

Or that one person who already has pretty much everything.

Yeah…well, I’ve gotten somebody that I’m pretty good friends with, but I have no idea what she would want (That would fit within the price limit). Although we’re not close enough that she would expect an amazing, “Wow this is awesome, exactly what I wanted, you know me so well, thanks!” sort of present (Do those even really exist?), I feel like I should give her something that she’ll at least like…

Maybe I’m just overthinking these things. Maybe I should just go with the generic box of chocolates.

But then the gifter side of me will object…I just know it. I can already hear the, “You can do better…you can find her something she’ll like more!”.

Well…I can only hope that everything will turn out well, I suppose.

Hot Chocolate On A Stick


For those of you who’ve never heard of this…this sure does sound strange, doesn’t it?

I thought the same thing when I cam across this for the first time. Although, you have to admit, they do look pretty cute in that above picture.

But no, it is not some sort of way of putting liquid hot chocolate on a stick or something. But, rather, chocolate on a stick that you can stir into hot milk to make your own hot chocolate! Sounds pretty cool, right?

I’ve heard of chocolate spoons at some pretty famous places that you can use to make your own chocolate, but making them at home sounds pretty fun (And not too difficult, either).

Plus, they’d make the perfect addition to any gift. Imagine giving each person a cute little wrapped stick of chocolate that they can go home and stir up their own little cup of heaven with? Low on cost, but will definitely add a lot to any present.

If I find enough time, I am definitely going to make a test batch…I’d love to try and give these out to my friends and family as little extras to their Christmas presents!