Inspired: No Regrets

WIN_Who Is Next_Team B

“The gods asked me if I wasn’t gonna regret this. But I answer without hesitating, why would I regret?” (Team B-Climax)

About 6 months ago, I did an ‘Inspired’ post for one of WINNER’s songs, and, recently, I haven’t been able to stop listening on one of Team B’s songs, so I decided to do one for theirs, too (Even though they’re technically not an actual K-Pop group or anything).

The lyrics above are from B.I’s rap, which is my favourite part of the entire song. The entire song is really meaningful and inspiring, but B.I’s part was what really struck me when I first listening to the song, and the lyrics of not only his part but the overall song is the main reason why I love this song so much.

I think the lyrics for this apply not only to the competition they were in, but a lot of things in general (Or at least to many idols). This is one song that I will probably always feel a little bittersweet about, because it’s not only inspiring but also filled with a lot of emotion.

“Even if this is my last time, I will sing without regrets.”