Things I Wonder About…

Lost and Confused Signpost

In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of people do things that I don’t quite understand…I won’t go into it too much, but maybe some of you have wondered the same thing? Or have even done the same things?

1) People who register for morning classes but can never wake up early enough in the morning, therefore missing pretty much every one of those classes. Why did you even register for that time?

2) People who only ever go to 3 classes per semester: Midterm, major assignment and the final exam (Although I guess that’s not really a class). And pass. Are you Einstein?

3) People who I always see/hear about buying a ton of clothes, but I seem to always just see them in the same couple of outfits. Do I have a bad memory, or do you just buy the clothes for fun?

4) People who manage to completely switch up their wardrobe with the trends. Where the heck do all the old clothes go?

5) People who act really immature and childish in front of the people they like. Does all that high-pitched squealing/poking fun at all the people in your vicinity really work?

6) People who get on the bus with gigantic backpacks…which end up (precariously close to) smacking you in the face the rest of the bus ride. Do you not hear my ‘excuse me’s and notice the irritated poking at said backpack, or are you just choosing to ignore me?

I could probably go on forever…but I’ll just stop here. By the way, I’ve probably been guilty of that last one at least once, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering why it happens at all. Although I don’t think I will ever understand #5…seriously, does that work? I’m genuinely curious.


Stay Classy, Ladies…


This picture isn’t exactly related…but I really liked this quote, so…in the post it goes.

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing well lately. It’s finally the weekend, though, so we all get a bit of a break.

Anyways, let me share a little story with you guys on this fine Saturday evening:

So I had something important to do last week and made myself up a bit for it, foundation, some nude eyeshadow and just went for an overall natural look.

Lucky me, though, it happened to be raining that day. And I didn’t have a raincoat. Or a hood, for that matter. I also realized my bus, which came once every 30 minutes, was coming in 3 minutes so I ran through the rain, hoping I’d make it in time.

Fortunately, my make-up still looked fine after (Total win!). I also realized my watch was a couple minutes fast, so I got there about 5 minutes before the bus came…no need to run after all, I guess.

Unfortunately, I had a very…nice group of ladies sitting in the bus shelter who pointed and laughed at the unfortunate young girl who streaked through the rain thinking she was going to be late for the bus.

Thanks. I appreciate it, ladies.

No, really. We need people like you to remind us all of that kindergarten lesson where we learned about manners and being polite.

They were still chuckling, very obviously, at me when we got on the bus.

Well, alright then. I suppose you really meet all kinds of people on public transportation, huh?