Inspired: Slowly…I Got Over You


“It’s all over now, after losing you, I earned a bigger hope. It’s really really so fortunate.” (Ailee-Singing Got Better)

Happy last day of February, and welcome to yet another ‘Inspired’ post!

Ailee is one of my favourite K-Pop vocalists, so I thought I’d write an ‘Inspired’ post for my absolute favourite songs of hers. Also, I felt like I should get some more female artists in my ‘Inspired’ series.

The MV for this song was short, but got the message across…and I really love the message.

The lyrics of this song are powerful, and even though it’s about a sad break-up, it’s still hopeful. I love how the very last lyric emphasizes how, even after all that, she was able to stand up stronger and better than before.

“Little by little, slowly, my tears dried. Slowly, I got over you like that.”