Inspired: Forget You


“Are you a patient? Talk to a doctor. Stop pretending to be sick.” (CLC-Pepe)

When this first came out, I thought that the song, MV and dance were all really cute and fun. However, the lyrics surprised me. I knew it was a breakup song, but the lyrics were fiercer than I expected them to be, since everything was so cute.

However, I grew to really like the song and the lyrics are sort of powerful, in a way. I don’t really know how else to explain it. It’s a breakup song, yes, but one that rejoices over breaking up with a guy that you don’t really want anymore anyways.

If I ever wanted a song that would perk me up on my down days, this would definitely be a good choice.

“After breaking up with you, I’m singing. Even my family and friends sing hurray. Bye now baby, forgetting you is so easy.”


Inspired: Beautiful


“You can’t stop it, it’s been decided since the start. My heart is pulled to you. The moment your breath touches me, your scent colors me in.” (EXO-Beautiful)

The new EXO album came out not too long ago, and I have been in love with pretty much every song from the album. This, however, is my absolute favourite.

I remember hearing the melody for ‘Beautiful’ when the debut teasers first came out, and I fell in love with it almost immediately. I thought it would never become a full song, though, so imagine my surprise when I saw it listed as a track on the new ‘EXODUS’ album!

The song is just as pretty and sweet as I thought it would be, and it has quickly become a song that I can’t stop replaying.

“Your body movement resembles a flower petal. Oh you beautiful, beautiful. I worry that you will break.”

Inspired: Different From The Others


“As soon as I came in, the moment I saw you, besides you, this café looks empty.” (Jay Park-Know Your Name Acoustic Ver.)

When I first saw the MV and heard the song, I really liked it. I thought the MV was really cute and so were the lyrics.

Well, the part about him watching her for an hour was, admittedly, a little creepy, but the rest of the song was really cute.

I loved how, in the MV, he does something that I’m sure a lot of us do…fantasize about attractive people we see, despite them being strangers. This version of the song was softer and sweeter than the original, which is why I think I like it so much more.

“Let’s take it one at a time, I’m different than the others. I just wanna know your name.”

Spring Hairstyles!

Half Updo_Twisted_Flower

Hi guys! Lately, I’ve been looking for and trying to think of new ways to do my hair for the springtime. My hair is layered, so buns and braids end up being sort of disastrous for me…but that didn’t stop me from experimenting!

I found the above picture online, and thought it was a cute but easy spring hairstyle idea…I usually put my hair up in half updos, but I usually just pin them with a bow in the middle or something. This seemed like an easy way to change it up a little.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you guys…hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of spring!

Spring Cleaning!


Happy first day of April! (Also known as April Fools. Don’t worry, I’m not going to play a joke on you through this post!)

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I’m running low on a few of my beauty products so I decided to make a list of what I needed. In the process, I decided to clean out all my beauty products. The box I kept my makeup in was a mess. Plus, there were a few products that I didn’t use enough and probably had to be thrown out because I’d had it for so long. And a few that didn’t really work out for me, but I thought that I might be able to use it up…I hadn’t.

This was actually pretty great, because I remembered some products that I didn’t dislike, just sort of forgot about. And some products that I wasn’t repurchasing because I used it so seldom.

And, in the end, my list of products I needed ended up being a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Of course, this is just for spring. I have some products I’m running low on, but I probably have enough to last me a few months, so I’ll make another mini-haul in the summer.

Inspired: No Turning Back


“When I fell in love, there was no turning back. My wings were lost, my eternal life stripped away, oh no. But my one and only reason for my happiness, my eternity right now, is you.” (EXO-M-Angel)

With EXO’s exciting comeback finally happening, I’ve decided to make an Inspired post of one of my absolute favourite songs. I chose the EXO-M version out of the two simply because I’ve listened to it more and can actually understand it.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was beautiful and really unique. A song telling a story of an angel that descends on Earth, falls in love, and loses his wings and eternal life for it? I found that so sad that I actually teared up while listening to it, but I also loved how it was actually a hopeful and happy song. I think the conflicting emotions are what made it so memorable.

I love songs like this, that tell a story. There are so many songs out there about how awesome the singer is, how pretty a girl how, much much they love their significant other. But this one stood out and I remember these lyrics the most out of all of EXO’s songs.

On another note, I’m aware most of the lines I chose in this post happened to be Luhan’s (He was my bias, so maybe his voice influenced it…but I really do like these lyrics in particular). And I still feel like it’s not quite the same with all 12 members, but I am looking forward to this comeback. And wishing the best to everyone. I just hope things are resolved soon, and this doesn’t turn into another JYJ sort of situation, where SM just tries to ban Luhan and Kris from doing anything.

“You ask where I come from. I say it’s a secret, with a smile. As long as you’re with me, Heaven can be anytime, anywhere.”

[Rant] Trends and Opinions


Another rant heading your way…this time about trends and how they affect people’s opinions. Well, more like how trends seem to be the basis of some people’s opinions.

The people I’m referring to in this post are the ones that’ll change their preferences based on the current trend, and often contradict themselves.

For example, a few months ago one of my favourite tea stores opened in a mall nearby (I used to have to go to the other side of the city). I went there with a few friends and one commented on how she didn’t like tea because of its taste and doesn’t really ever drink it.

Fast forward to less than a month later, when she’s buying tea travel mugs and tea bags from the store and raving about how amazing tea is and how she drinks it practically everyday. I suspect this may be because my friends and I really like the store, and it seems to have become popular with the general populous (At least, where I am).

I also have friends who have commented on how strange my body chain was when I first wore it. When it became a trend a few months later, they all wanted one because they thought it looked so cool.

Or when I go shopping with them, and they comment on tops they like and really want, but it’s too expensive. A few months later, they see it on sale and don’t like it anymore. It’s always the newest, shiniest thing they want. And they always ditch the things they get whenever new trends replace them.

I think that’s what bothers me the most, besides the contradictory opinions.

I understand that sometimes you think you don’t like something at first, and then it grows on you. I’ve had that happen to me. But I don’t understand how people can just follow trends like that, always ditching one opinion for another, more popular one. Isn’t it tiring at all?

Inspired: Forgotten

Donghae_Eunhyuk_Beat Goes On

“Some day, it’ll all pass. Memories of us crazily in love…it will slowly flow down, forgotten with time.” (Super Junior D&E-Growing Pains)

I was really excited for this song, because I had loved every teaser that came out before it…but I never expected something this amazing. Honestly, I fell in love with this song at first listen. It may be one of my favourite songs of all time by the EunHae duo.

I had a really hard time picking just 2 lyrics for this post…it was tempting to post the entire song, but that would sort of defeat the point of these posts.

Anyways, a lot of people can probably relate to the heartbreaking lyrics in this song, which is really well written. And the MV didn’t have much of a storyline, but it was still obvious what was happening in it and I got the underlying meaning of the song even before I read the lyrics.

In short, I will be replaying this over and again for the next little while.

“I hope you aren’t hurting as much as me. I hope for this every day, countlessly. I hope you remember as much as I do. I hope you’re better than me.”

Inspired: When I Miss You For No Reason


“These days, without knowing, I sing the songs we used to listen to together. On days like this when I’m locked in old memories. On nights when I miss you for no reason.” (Big Bang-Love Dust)

So…Big Bang is supposed to make their comeback soon (Finally!), and I am really excited. I decided to post an ‘Inspired’ post of one of my favourite songs from their last comeback album.

This song seems pretty upbeat, but the lyrics are really sad. I absolutely love it, though…I really do think I have a thing for sad lyrics, especially ones like this that seem to sort of tell a story. Sort of.

I’ll keep this post short…there will probably be another Big Bang ‘Inspired’ post in the (Hopefully near) future, though!

“I was too young back then. Love was hard so I tried to avoid you. It was too much pressure for me, and so I was unhappy. So, eventually, I made you cry.”

Inspired: Happy Being Me


“Those hurtful words deeply cut into my heart. It hurt, but I bit my tongue and endured. I know I’m gonna heal and I’m always looking up. Even if it’s dark, I’m gonna find the light.” (Amber-Beautiful)

Amber from f(x) recently made her solo debut, and it seriously blew me away. I never knew she had such a pretty voice, and I really like her album. It’s hard to choose a favourite song from the album, but this one definitely has to be one of them.

The song is a little on the short side, but the lyrics are so meaningful and inspiring that I think it’s perfect the way it is. This song is one of those ones that I would recommend to anyone, no matter their mood was. It’s hopeful, despite the traces of sadness in it. This song really is ‘Beautiful’.

On a side note, I was a little surprised when I heard the song after I had seen the picture posted above. Because of how colourful and lively it was, I expected the song to be really upbeat. I was surprised when I heard the song, but pleasantly so.

“I can fly higher without fear, even when I’m trapped in darkness. Any kind of scar is beautiful to me. I’m just happy, I’m happy to be myself.”