Inspired: No Turning Back


“When I fell in love, there was no turning back. My wings were lost, my eternal life stripped away, oh no. But my one and only reason for my happiness, my eternity right now, is you.” (EXO-M-Angel)

With EXO’s exciting comeback finally happening, I’ve decided to make an Inspired post of one of my absolute favourite songs. I chose the EXO-M version out of the two simply because I’ve listened to it more and can actually understand it.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was beautiful and really unique. A song telling a story of an angel that descends on Earth, falls in love, and loses his wings and eternal life for it? I found that so sad that I actually teared up while listening to it, but I also loved how it was actually a hopeful and happy song. I think the conflicting emotions are what made it so memorable.

I love songs like this, that tell a story. There are so many songs out there about how awesome the singer is, how pretty a girl how, much much they love their significant other. But this one stood out and I remember these lyrics the most out of all of EXO’s songs.

On another note, I’m aware most of the lines I chose in this post happened to be Luhan’s (He was my bias, so maybe his voice influenced it…but I really do like these lyrics in particular). And I still feel like it’s not quite the same with all 12 members, but I am looking forward to this comeback. And wishing the best to everyone. I just hope things are resolved soon, and this doesn’t turn into another JYJ sort of situation, where SM just tries to ban Luhan and Kris from doing anything.

“You ask where I come from. I say it’s a secret, with a smile. As long as you’re with me, Heaven can be anytime, anywhere.”


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