11 Signs You Are Officially Growing Up

Thought Catalog

Boyhood / Amazon.com.Boyhood / Amazon.com.

1. When you realize that wearing clothing plastered with name brands isn’t the most important thing in the world. No one is going to care if your shirt or bag is by Marc Jacobs (even though Marc Jacobs really wants people to know their products are by Marc Jacobs…have I said Marc Jacobs too many times?). No one worth your time is ever going to judge you based on the fact that your jeans are from Hollister or Target. So why not save money while looking fabulous?!

2. When you start voluntarily eating healthy, and trying to suppress your inner 5-year-old-around-cake-at-a-birthday-party self. Adults are supposed to have self-control, right?

3. When you re-watch your old favorite TV shows that are totally aimed at 10-year-olds because you just can’t resist! You watch for hours just to remember the feeling of waking up early in the morning and curling…

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