[Rant] Opened Lip Products (And Many Other Beauty Products)

So…I saw a lipstick that I wanted to get the other day and, after sifting through all 4 tubes (They didn’t have very many out), I realized that none of them had seals of any kind on them. And they all looked used. Well…okay.


I decided to go to a different store and discovered the same thing except I saw that one of them had some plastic wrap on the bottom, and realized they were all packaged up before, but people opened (and used) them all.

Well, okay then. I guess that explains why I never saw more than 4 tubes in any store, because if there were more, people would just open and test those ones. And they were plastic wrapped, too.

I don’t really get why people do that. Yes, there’s no tester (And it would be nice if there was one, because I’m sure people would be less prone to opening new ones if there was) so I can understand you want to know what the exact colour and consistency are like. But why open every single one? That seems pretty pointless to me.

This goes for a lot of beauty products. People opening new ones, even when there are already testers. It especially bothers me for lip products because, well…those things go on your lips. I don’t really want to buy something that I’m going to use on my lips that some other stranger has already used.

Okay, the testers have been used by who knows what kind of people. Fine. Then just don’t use them. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to open and test new ones, because if you do, then people are probably not going to buy that one so it’s a waste if you’re not going to buy one.

It honestly annoys me to no end when I see that people have opened and tried pretty much every single one on the shelf. Please, let’s just all be civil and respectful and good consumers, and not do things like this, okay?


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