Inspired: An Angel, Perfection


“A wall that can’t be climbed over, a holy perfection. I’m thankful to God, I see an angel, I’m full of tears.” (Jonghyun-Hallelujah)

Though the song is a little more abstract and the exact meaning of the song slightly unclear compared to a lot of other K-Pop songs, I think it being even that little bit more open to interpretation makes me like it more. Of course, this might just be me totally not getting the meaning of the song and nobody else feels this way.

Anyways, I’m totally in love with Jonghyun’s new album, and this is one of my favourite songs off of the album. The dance practice video was really good, but Jonghyun’s voice, as always, is what really captures me.

When the English translation of the lyrics came out, I felt that everything fit perfectly together in this song.

“The day I first saw you, I used up all my luck. There is no regret.”


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