Inspired: Someday, In Another Life


“This long journey is about to end but, someday, we will meet again. In the next life, we will see each other again.” (Park Bom-Don’t Cry)

I realized that I had to yet to get a female artist in this ‘Inspired’ series, so…here’s Park Bom and one of my favourite songs, “Don’t Cry”.

This song was released a few years ago, but I still love it even today. The MV was beautiful and the lyrics even more so. There a few lines from the song which I don’t think I can ever forget…the ones in this post are the ones that I found both the most touching and the most memorable.

I thought this song was pretty interesting, because it’s basically a break-up song and it’s pretty sad, but it also has a glimmer of hope.

“Here is the end for the both of us, and until the world would allow our love then, it’s okay baby, please don’t cry.”


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