Korean Dramas And Their Male Characters


So…Joo Won was definitely not the greatest guy in the beginning, but he had more than won me over by the end.

So…anybody who’s seen at least 1 Korean drama probably knows what I’m talking about when I say that a lot of male characters in these dramas are either impossibly perfect or miraculously both flawed yet still perfect. Especially a lot of those second male leads (Second Male Lead Syndrome exists for a reason, you know).

The more I watch these, the more I think impossible things, like: “I want a mind-reading boyfriend” and “I wonder if I’ll ever find a guy that good looking” (The answer to that second one, by the way, is ‘no’).

So, when I saw this article on AllKpop, I thought that it was a pretty good summary of the way that I feel about these male characters. Especially Young Do and Soo Ha. And I probably shouldn’t approve of Young Do (During the first episodes, I didn’t…but he got to me pretty soon). But I do. But he’s just a fictional character…it’s allowed, I’m sure.


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