King 2 Hearts


Hi everyone! Note: Spoilers ahead! (But I can’t spoil the ending for anyone…I haven’t even finished it myself…)

So…this is the drama that I’m currently watching. I thought it might be a nice and light drama…I guess it wasn’t as intense as, say, ‘IRIS’, but this definitely kept me on the edge of my seat during a lot of scenes.

The only other dramas I’ve ever seen Seung Gi in are ‘Brilliant Legacy’ and ‘The Greatest Love’ (His cameo appearance was hilarious) and, after seeing this one, it makes me wonder why Seung Gi is always playing the rich bachelor who also happens to be a jerk, as most rich bachelors are in K-Drama land. Or at least not a great person in general. Oh well.

I’ve always loved Ha Ji Won’s characters, though…especially in this drama. A female lead that can save herself when she gets kidnaps? And the male lead, too? That is just awesome.

Sure, there are lots of female leads out there who are great but can’t really do anything when they captured. But then there’s Hang Ah, who threatens to stab herself with sunglasses and starts giving orders to her captors, and then plans a pretty successful escape. And we can’t forget the way she single-handedly took out the guys on the carousel, saving Jae Ha.

Seriously…she’s an incredibly memorable character.

And watching Jae Ha grow up and mature…it was really satisfying. And, though he started out as a jerk, he became so incredibly sweet that I went from wanting someone to punch him in the face to swooning over him.

And then there’s Shi Kyung…an impossibly idealistic guy, even in K-Drama land. It broke my heart seeing all of those ideals being shattered (By his father, nonetheless!), and his death…I don’t know if I can get over that.

The princess, Jae Shin, was another character that I loved. It was great how rebellious she was in the beginning and, after her accident, it was amazing watching her go from someone fragile to someone who was incredibly strong. The moment when she stood on stage and gave her speech…I very literally felt shivers going down my spine just watching it.

I just hope that this drama has a good ending…I hate it when an amazing drama is ruined by a terrible last episode.


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