The Negative Space Mani

So…there’s this new nail trend going around that’s caught my attention.


I’m a bit of a nail art lover, so I love looking at different pictures of nail art and getting inspiration from them. I stumbled upon this particular picture (See above) in a magazine, and thought it was pretty cool. I’ve seen a few pictures of this sort of nail art, but the one I posted seems particularly striking…at least, to me it did.

These manicures not only look cool, but they seem easy to do, too. Just a nail polish remover pen (Or a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover) and/or some tape, and you’re pretty much set.

I’ve actually used designs like these as a base or background (Whatever you want to call it) for some of my nail art designs, and it looks great. I guess I just never really thought about wearing it alone.

This is a great thing because, although I love doing nail art, sometimes I’m too lazy to spend an hour painting designs on my nails and waiting for them to dry, sometimes only for them to smudge. So this sort of quick and modern looking mani is great for those kinds of days.


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