Miss Rose (Taiwanese Drama) Pt. 2


I just finished this drama a few days ago and decided to share my thoughts on it. It took me a while because I stopped in the middle after getting so busy that I couldn’t really make time for it anymore.

Starring Megan Lai and Roy Qiu, I thought that this drama was funny and quirky. A little refreshing, actually, because it wasn’t quite the same as all those typical rom-coms floating around among Taiwanese dramas.

The leads had nice chemistry and the characters weren’t too flat or boring. The lack of second-male lead syndrome helped, too. Actually, that little bit with the second-male lead near the end sort of threw me for a loop.

It got pretty boring around the middle, but picked up near the end, as a lot of dramas do. I actually posted about this a little while ago, but I’m glad that I finished it. The ending was sort of a little like redemption for the whole drama.

Perhaps the little (Read: Long) break that I took from watching the drama helped with that a little bit, who knows.

However, unlike many of the dramas that I’ve watched, the ending didn’t disappoint me. Usually, when I like dramas at the beginning, I find the endings sorely disappointing. This wasn’t the case this time, though.

Well…now to move on to my next drama, I guess.


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