Inspired: Back To Those Innocent Days


“When I was seven years old, a short little boy…I want to go back to those days.” (JYJ-7 Years)

(The first Inspired post of this year…my absolute favourite K-Pop group of all time…well, half of it.)

Childhood nostalgia…I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. Those days when everything was simpler…those days of innocence. I think this song captures the essence of how love evolves as you mature perfectly.

The “Just Us” is my favourite JYJ album, and this is one of my favourite songs. It talks about how, when you’re young, love is innocent but, as you grow older…that changes. The lyrics really resonated with me, and I don’t think this is a song I’ll ever forget.

“After walking more in life and maturing, I began to calculate when it came to love. The times I loved you innocently…I long for those days more today.”


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