Boxing Week Sales…


So…Christmas is over and now there’s a new kind of crowd in the malls…the ones on the hunt for the best deals.

I seem to know a lot of people who are at one extreme or the other in terms of how they feel about boxing day sales.

Some think it’s just a gimmicky thing where stores hike up all of their prices and then put them ‘on sale’.

Others think that it truly is the best time to find amazing deals.

I’m sort of in the middle…while there are some sales that really aren’t as good as they seem, there are a lot of really good deals out there. Although I guess that applies year-round.

I’ve seen some things that are twice the price as they are at other stores, despite being marked down by double what the other store had on their sign. I also got tops for under $10.00.

I guess it all depends where you go…hopefully, you won’t get tricked by any of the gimmicky sort of ‘sales’.


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