[5 Days Until Christmas] Countdown to Christmas…Youtube Videos!

With all the extra time off during the holidays, I always like to spend a bit of it catching up on Youtube videos (Read: K-Pop MVs). So…here are my 5 favourite Youtube videos from this year (So far!).

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 9.46.02 PM

1) Error-VIXX (MV): Yes, I know I mentioned this is a previous post. But the MV was just so touching…it was an unforgettable one for me.

2) This Is Love & Evanesce-Super Junior (MVs): These are 2 MVs that go hand in hand…I can’t separate them in my mind. They were amazing and I really liked them, though they were pretty simple MVs. Still…sometimes simple is best.

3) “Life As New Parents”-Bubzbeauty: I really like Bubzbeauty…her tutorials are great, and her vlogs make me so happy. This was definitely one of my favourites…I found it adorable, as usual, but also touching. Congratulations, Bubz~

4) Growl Violin Cover-Jun Sung Ahn: I love this guy’s violin covers…but this was an amazing violin/dance cover. ‘Growl’ sounded great on the violin, and the cover was a pretty accurate one, too.

5) Let It Go/Vivaldi’s Winter-ThePianoGuys: These guys are just…absolutely amazing. There are really no words to accurately describe how good they are. But the scenery was beautiful, the song incredible and…well…it jumped up to my favourites list before the video was even over.

So here they are…not a very festive list, but maybe it’ll give you a little something to watch during your holidays.


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