[4 Days Until Christmas] Countdown to Christmas…Korean Dramas!

Yesterday’s post was about Youtube videos…and today’s is about something that consumes even more of my time in general…Korean dramas.


A special mention for ‘Dream High’…while it isn’t on this list, it is definitely one of my favourites!

Here are my 4 favourites…it was hard to choose!

1) Goong: I became fans of both Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon through this drama. Oh, and we can’t forget Kim Jeong Hoon (He was the cause of one of my worst cases of Second Male Lead Syndrome ever…). A rags to riches sort of Cinderella-esque (But also not really…it’s gard to explain) sort of drama, this is my absolute favourite.

2) You’re Beautiful: There’s no way Shin Hye could’ve passed for a boy in real life (Especially with that singing voice…which her twin brother also apparently has, which I thought was a little weird), but this drama was really good despite that. Kang Shin Woo is and will always be my absolute favourite K-Drama male character ever. And this was probably the only drama I experienced Third Male Lead Syndrome watching…

3) Operation Proposal: The drama that introduced me to the amazing actor that is Yoo Seung Ho. One of the only actors that ever got me bawling with him almost every time. A memorable drama and one that was funny, touching, sad and absolutely wonderful all at the same time.

4) Boys Over Flowers: I know, I know…of course this would be here, right? But it’s a classic…and I really did love it. Second Male Lead Syndrome was also intense during this drama…I loved Rui in the manga, and I loved Ji Hoo in the drama. Plus, he played violin. But really…this is just one of those dramas that pretty much every fan has watched. And that’s still popular. But for a good reason.

Some of you will agree with some of my choices, others won’t…and we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s post…maybe it’ll give a few of you something to do over the holidays, too!


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