[6 Days Until Christmas] Countdown to Christmas…Holiday Moments!

So…I thought I should get a more festive post in here, so here it is.

Hot Chocolate_Candy Canes

Holiday moments…I’m sure we all have different things that we do every holiday with our family and friends, but here are my 6 favourite holiday moments.

1) Chats over hot cocoa: That might sound like a pretty normal thing, but I associate it with the holidays. These happen a few times during the holidays…after some Christmas shopping with friends or sometimes I’ll go out with my family just go to get some nice hot cocoa, sit down and have a nice chat.

2) Decorating the tree: A family tradition. This one really gets me in the holiday spirit and it’s a really fun thing for everybody to get together and do.

3) Strolls in the snow: There aren’t many places open on Christmas, so my family just goes outside to enjoy the snowy scenery. A snowball fight is just as likely to happen as a chat.

4) Christmas movies: Getting together with family or friends to watch a good old Christmas movie is another one of my favourite things to do during the holidays.

5) Christmas shopping: Yes, this is a hectic experience for many. But I actually like browsing different stores to try to find the perfect gifts. While I’m a fan of online shopping, I’m still a firm believer in going out there and actually physically browsing and shopping. I especially love going with family or friends. The more the merrier!

6) Christmas mornings: My favourite day of the year…and I love Christmas mornings. Everyone is content after a good night’s sleep and I finally get to find out if the gifts I picked out were good ones. And then comes the many small little moments with family that happen throughout the day that I really treasure.

So…that’s it! Makes me feel a little nostalgic whenever I think of these since I’ve done most of them since I was a kid.


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