[7 Days Until Christmas] Countdown to Christmas…Jewellery!

So…with holiday parties, we’re all probably looking for some trinkets to spice up our wardrobes. But there will always be those few pieces that you love and wear time and time again. These are mine.


Today’s post is on my 7 favourite pieces of jewellery!

1) A necklace that loops around itself: Shown in the picture above, I saw this on a K-Drama character and immediately fell in love with it. I bought on off of ToFebruary and it has become one of my absolute favourites.

2) A slider necklace: These are so simple yet quite unique. I got my first one last year and love it. The fact that you can adjust it to any length you want is awesome!

3) A body chain: I love wearing mine over a plain white tank top. It really dresses up any plain top, really. It makes a statement without being over the top…nice and simple, goes with anything. Can’t go wrong with a piece of jewellery like that.

4) A simple slave bracelet: Another simple piece of jewellery that can really make a statement. Versatile and can be worn casually or even with dresses and such.

5) A hair chain: I made my own hair chain with chains and some hair combs, and I love it. Another simple statement making piece that really does go with anything.

6) A teardrop necklace: This necklace is one of my absolute favourites. Not only is it from one of my favourite dramas, it’s a beautiful necklace. I love it.

7) A simple silver ring: One of my most simple pieces of jewellery, but one of my favourites. Really, you can’t go wrong with something timeless like this.

And that’s that…only a week until Christmas…can you believe it?


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