Publishing Times on WordPress…


Well, well, WordPress…seems like we can never truly get along. We can only cherish the time that the fragile truce between us lasts.

Anyways, the times on the “Scheduled Posts” under the “Change Status” is pretty confusing. Sometimes when I click, “Publish Immediately”, the date on the post isn’t today’s date but tomorrow’s. So I choose to have it published immediately and it basically publishes itself in the future. How that works is beyond me.

And then when I try to schedule it, I can never tell exactly what time to put in. Because sometimes I schedule it for tomorrow and it posts right away (Sorry about that…not sure why that happens)…so I change the time. And it doesn’t change. Not even when I change the time by what I think is 6 hours. And then the time reverts.


So, basically, the time is just really confusing. I’m trying my best, though. And at least this doesn’t actually affect much.


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