Limited Edition

So…with Christmas rolling around, there’s a lot of LE things popping up, most of them holiday themed (Obviously).


I see all this pretty packaging (Which I’m already a sucker for) combined with holiday themes (Which I love), and I can barely resist. Throw in some advent calendars (Like Benefit’s one) and I’m 3 seconds away from pulling out my wallet.

These LE products and such are always so tempting (Too Faced Everything Nice Palette, anyone?), and I just barely resist getting them every year…my money goes towards gifts, as it should, but it doesn’t stop me from gazing longingly at them inside the store, anyways. And debating, for a split second, whether or not I should get it until reality (Read: The price tag) hits.

Anyways, shown above is my (One of) my favourite holiday collections of this year. It was hard to choose just one…but the cat got me in the end. Benefit and Lancôme have really nice packaging, too, but still…I love the Shu Uemura. I won’t be getting any of this (At least, not any time soon), but hey…a girl can still dream, right?

Plus…the name of the collection is just so adorable, isn’t it?


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