Inspired: Innocence and Imagination

Little cute girl

The article that got me thinking about this (Also where the picture comes from)…

As you may be able to already tell, this “Inspired” post isn’t going to be one of my usual lyrics one. It comes from an article I just happened to stumble across one day.

It got me thinking a little, back to my childhood days. When it seemed like I could create something out of nothing, simply with imagination. And by that, I mean amuse myself with things that I wouldn’t find interesting at all these days.

Those long-gone, innocent days when I practically lived in my imagination…imagining and seeing the world differently, and making up my own little games to play, my own little stories to tell.

I suppose that, with the gradual loss of that childhood naïveté and innocence, my imagination left with it, taking its creations with it and leaving only the memories of simpler days. Oh, and nostalgia.

It’s one of those things that you probably never truly cherished (And, being so young, I suppose you wouldn’t know to, anyhow) or thought would go away, until one day you wake up and realize that it has truly gone away.

I suppose not being so easily tricked is an asset, but I miss the days when my imagination was my best and most entertaining resource, not the Internet. Even now, sometimes I just want to unplug and spend a day doing other things…quietly passing the hours by. Of course, I’m usually too busy for that, although I do try to make time for myself.

However, I don’t think one should live in this world of imagination and innocence forever…you’ll have to grow out of it one day, and move on to other stages of your life. The memories will always be there, though they may fade, and that’s enough.

Anyways, this little article has gotten me thinking about a lot…and whenever I see kids, living in their world of innocence and imagination, it puts a smile on my face…one that has a touch of nostalgia to it.

So…children should enjoy these special, simple times in their life, and the wealth of imagination that comes with it before they begin to slowly exchange it for wisdom and years.


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