The Old Rumour Mill


In my experience, I’ve found that this is actually very true at times…

Hi everyone. So, today’s post is probably going to be something that we’re all familiar with…you’ve probably already guessed from the title alone.

Everyone has had rumours or criticisms or something along those lines spread about them at some point…just bad things going around about you.

And, no matter who it is, and whether you admit it or not, it does hurt. I mean, we all feel, so it’s normal.

However, I’ve always thought that, even though it does hurt, it doesn’t really matter, and I never react to it. Why? Well, it’s simple.

I don’t owe them anything, and a lot of the time it involves people I’m not very close to. Why should I care what people who are practically strangers think of me? Let them think whatever they want.

And if it’s ‘friends’, well…then are they really friends?

Not in my book. So, really, who needs ‘friends’ who just go around spreading rumours and saying bad things about you behind your back? Trust me, you’ll be better off without them.

You may hear what people say, and at least a part of you can’t help but feel bad about it. But that doesn’t mean you have to react, or really take what they say to heart. I mean, how much do they really know about you? Certainly not everything. And you don’t have to answer to anybody. As long as you think that what your’e doing is best for you, then you just keep doing whatever you’re doing. As long as you’re happy, who cares what they think?

If they have nothing better to do than run around trying to make people feel bad, well too bad for them…they’re just wasting their time.

It’s called the rumour mill for a reason…it just keeps going. It’s just one of those things that you can’t control. So why spend your life trying to make it fit other people’s ideals and such?

Plus, I’ve found that the best way of getting back at these people is to just not care. Works every time.


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