Eyebrow Threading…


Looks pretty complicated if you ask me…

Hi everyone! Just some more of my ramblings….feel free to keep reading, though. Maybe some of you can relate to me.

So…I’ve had my eyebrows threaded for a few years now, and I have to say…I’m split about this technique, although I stick with it.

It seems to take longer than waxing, although it’s apparently less painful. It’s pretty precise and you can be pretty specific, which is nice, and it’s not all that bad if you have somebody who’s experienced. I’ve gotten a newer worker a few times…it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, either.

However, I always have a few problems with this (Maybe it’s just getting your brows done in general, or maybe it’s just me, who knows). One is that the skin around my brows is always sort of red for a few hours, which is understandable.

Another is that I always end up finding some eyebrow hair on my face…I have half a mind to just bring a big fluffy brush and concealer with me every time I’m about to go get my brows done just for these reasons.

There is something else, though, that I’m not a big fan of. I always get some tiny pimples on the areas where my hairs were pulled out. They’re easily concealed, but still pretty annoying. I only get my brows done around 4 times a year (About once every 3 months or so…although there have been times when I simply didn’t feel like it and so I left it for another month or 2…or 3), so I guess this doesn’t happen very often (Especially considering that it’s gone after a few days), but still…not very happy with this.

Well…I suppose I’ll stick with it now. I like the look, and it’s not too bad (The first few times were pretty painful, though, but I suppose I got used to it after a while or something). Oh, the things we do for beauty…


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