Hot Chocolate On A Stick


For those of you who’ve never heard of this…this sure does sound strange, doesn’t it?

I thought the same thing when I cam across this for the first time. Although, you have to admit, they do look pretty cute in that above picture.

But no, it is not some sort of way of putting liquid hot chocolate on a stick or something. But, rather, chocolate on a stick that you can stir into hot milk to make your own hot chocolate! Sounds pretty cool, right?

I’ve heard of chocolate spoons at some pretty famous places that you can use to make your own chocolate, but making them at home sounds pretty fun (And not too difficult, either).

Plus, they’d make the perfect addition to any gift. Imagine giving each person a cute little wrapped stick of chocolate that they can go home and stir up their own little cup of heaven with? Low on cost, but will definitely add a lot to any present.

If I find enough time, I am definitely going to make a test batch…I’d love to try and give these out to my friends and family as little extras to their Christmas presents!


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