Inspired: Different Dreams

“We used to look at the same place, do the same things…those dream-like days have passed by. It’s already been a long time since we’ve had different dreams.” (LC9-East Of Eden)


The lyrics for this song by LC9 are probably why this is my absolute favourite song from them. The lyrics are pretty heartbreaking, and even more so when I think about how this song might have been directed towards their former bandmate, Eden.

Eden was actually my bias in the group…I was pretty sad when he left. And then I was even sadder when I learned about the possible true meaning of this song and who it’s for.

Anyways, this song gave me the shivers…and also made me feel like tearing up.

So, I just happened to be listening to it…and then this post happened. Like always, I’ll end with another one of my favourite lyrics from the song:

“If you’re gonna be a star, shine even brighter. If you’re already a star, shine even longer. It’s not goodbye.”


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