Vintage Hot Chocolate…

So…winter’s coming…I can definitely feel the chill. Soon, it’ll be snow and everything will be white outside. I can already see it…a perfect wintery scene.


Obviously I didn’t get this much chocolate in my drink (Although that would’ve been amazing).

You know what else would be perfect? A nice cup of hot chocolate to go with that.

I recently discovered this absolutely wonderful creation apparently dubbed ‘Vintage Hot Chocolate’ (At least, where I went).

You’re basically given a cup of melted chocolate and a pitcher of hot milk…you pour the milk into your cup, stir and then, voilà…your own cup of hot chocolate! Isn’t that just simply novel? It felt way fancier than it should’ve, but it was pretty fun.

It tastes absolutely heavenly…no doubt the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had, nothing even comes close to it.

Very rich in chocolate flavour and great for those cold winter days…if you’re a chocolate lover, I definitely suggest you try this sometime. Of course, I only recently discovered it…I didn’t know such a thing existed where I lived (In my defence, it only opened around a year ago and I wasn’t aware they served hot chocolate this way until a friend told me).

The good news? Well, as you can see, this is one of the best hot chocolate experiences I’ve ever had.

The bad news? I think I have just ruined my past hot chocolate experiences. Especially the instant how chocolate and the ones that come from, say, Tim Hortons…I don’t think I can ever go back (Perhaps ignorance really is bliss…although I regret nothing in this instance).

However, the recently re-released Peppermint hot chocolates at Starbucks will forever hold a special place in my heart as my favourite holiday drink.


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