Customer Service…

One of my recent posts was about an awful customer service experience with Rogers, and, lately, I’ve decided to shed some light on some very good customer service.


One of the websites with the best customer service, in my experience, is BornPrettyStore.

Most of their items incredibly cheap (Especially when you take in the fact that shipping is free) and they have a huge selection of items, but their customer service is also definitely worth a mention.

I’ve only had to contact them 3 times or so, and all my issues were handles both promptly and well, which seems to be pretty rare nowadays.

The first time, they sent me the wrong colour for a product. I got a reply within 24 hours and they immediately sent me the correct colour, giving me the other one for free.

The second time, I had a question about one of my orders. My question was answered promptly and also within 24 hours.

The third time was, in my opinion, pretty amazing. I asked a question about some of the products, and I got a reply within 15 minutes, and the problem was resolved just like that.

Amazing, right? You don’t really see customer service like that anymore.

Anyways, just thought that I’d mention that to you guys. I think that customer service like that is worth a mention…especially with all the terrible customer service that seems to be almost everywhere.

It serves as a nice reminder that consistently decent, even good, customer service still very much exists.

Another site worth a mention: Jolse. They reply promptly as well, and it’s very easy to resolve any problems, and they’re extremely helpful should you have any questions about their products.

Half-decent customer service? Kpoptown. They reply promptly, and their replies are very straightforward and to the point, but they also seem pretty dismissive to me. It’s bordering ‘rude’, but not quite there. However, the prompt replies and the answers (Although presented in a way that I don’t exactly like) are helpful, which makes them half-decent in my book.


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