And So The Search Begins…


The search for what, you may ask? Well…the search for the perfect present, of course!

Yep…it’s that time of year again.

The malls are decorated with sparkling lights and festive displays fill the windows of stores, all of whom are breaking out the “Limited Edition Holiday Sets” (Many of which I am eyeing for after the holidays). And we’re here freaking out, unsure of what to get for those on our list.

“Would she like this?”, “Wait…does she already have this?”, “What in the world would he want…”, “Shopping for guys is hard”…phrases that pop into my mind several times during the holiday season.

That plus the crazy crowds at the malls, especially as it gets closer and closer to Christmas.

I still really enjoy it…the satisfaction of finally finding the perfect gift, and then seeing the smile on their face when they get it…it’s all worth it. I think of it as a way of appreciating your friends and family, and maybe even significant others, and making their day, or their holiday, a little bit better.

I’ll probably spend a lot of time this month racking my brain and scouring the stores for those perfect gifts. At the same time, though, my anticipation and excitement for Christmas will grow.

As frustrating as it can be sometimes, Christmas is still my favourite holiday of the entire year…and it’s getting closer and closer!


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