Well…That Was Rude


Hi everyone…so, as you can tell from the title, this isn’t going to be a very happy-go-lucky post.

The other day, I was walking down the street with a friend, and this woman was just walking towards us in a straight line, not making any effort at all to dodge us or move, so we stepped apart and she walked right between us without a word or even a glance.

My friend was pretty unlucky, though…her reaction time wasn’t quite fast enough, and so what did this lady do?

Shoved her. Yeah, just pushed her towards the curb (That’s dangerous, lady!). Again, done without a word or even a glance, just shoved her out of the way and kept walking like nothing had happened.

Well, then…that was obviously not very nice. The people you encounter sometimes…I mean, hello? Some manners would be nice, thanks.

I mean, yes, we all have those moments where we forget our manners and whatnot. But doing things like that is just…well…let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

Lesson learned: Don’t go around shoving people on the street because that’s rude.

…perhaps lesson ‘reaffirmed’ would be a better way to put it.


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