[Rant] Replying (Or Lack Thereof) & Calling Back

Missing Calls_Calling Back_Voicemail

I ask myself this every time…

Hi everyone!

Anyways, another rant…something that pretty much always gets on my nerves. And, this time at least, I know that I’m not the only one who experiences this.

Before I start, though: Yes, I understand people do not usually sit around waiting on replies of others. And that people don’t always check theirs phones and whatever. Heck, there have been times when I haven’t seen a text until 3 days later (I used to shut off my phone during class and would sometimes forget to turn it back on for days). So I won’t talk about that. What I’m talking about is chatting to people online, just so we’re clear.

I seem to experience this problem with a majority of people that I chat with…and that is not getting a reply for a while. I usually get a reply almost right away for the greeting, but then…nothing. Maybe a bit of conversation, then they disappear, sometimes re-appearing later, sometimes not.

Oh, they’re online the entire time. Just apparently not replying to me.

On Facebook, you can see when somebody’s seen your message, right? Well…sometimes people see my replies, but don’t say anything. Worse? I’ve had people see my replies, not reply, then reply a little while later to a group chat…well then…thanks.

And then you know what happens? I say ‘bye’ and then get a reply almost right away. I think I’d feel better if they didn’t reply at all. What I basically get from that is, “Yeah, I saw your previous reply and could’ve replied at any time, but chose not to”. Rude, much?

One word replies, replies that consist just of links or a single emoticon. Those are sort of annoying, too. I mean, is it really that difficult to type a few words? I don’t think so, since I do it all the time.

I understand sometimes people are busy and whatever, that happens to me to. But it happens all the time. Even when people say they’re not busy. You say you’re not doing anything and you’re online the entire time, but you totally ignore me?

The worst times? When I type long paragraphs and get one word replies. And it happens time after time. I hate that. Obviously, I wouldn’t be typing this much to you if I didn’t want you to actually have a real conversation with me. And I wouldn’t be telling you this much, either. But yet I get one word replies each time. Well…guess who’s getting the short replies next time? I’ll find someone else to share my paragraphs with, thank you very much (Thank God for those few good friends who actually talk to me and have actual conversations, however mundane they may seem, with me!).

Oh, and let’s not forget how, when I’m busy and take a little longer than usual to reply, they always say things like, “Why are you ignoring me?” or typing more replies to try to get my attention. So, essentially, it’s okay for them to do that to me, but not for me to do the same.

Conveniently, whenever I get tired of the non-replies and stop talking to them, they decide to strike up conversations and actually reply. And then stop again later. Because that’ll make me want to talk to them next time. Oh, definitely.

And no, I am not obsessed with talking to everyone and can’t be alone or whatever you may be thinking. Some conversation with another human every once in a while is nice. And so are manners. Usually, it’s other people that start these conversations. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t start things start things that you’re not going to finish or follow through with?

Oh, and before you ask, yes I have told them that I have a problem with this…nicely, mind you. They all just apologize, and then continue doing it again the next day. So now I don’t really bother. It’s pointless if it they don’t remember what I said for more than 24 hours.

I compare these to phone conversations: If you were talking to somebody over the phone, or even on a video chat, would you suddenly stop talking and then maybe start talking again 3 hours later? Would you suddenly just make a face and say nothing else, or hold up a random picture or article? No. (And if you do do that…well…then I guess you can do that on chat, too…)

And speaking of phone conversations…calling people back. Have you ever experienced those times when you call someone back right after you miss their call, and there’s no answer?

How does that even happen? I have never once been unable to answer the call of a person right after they call me. Do you silence your phone and throw it on a table or something? Also, if you really wanted to call me, wouldn’t you be keeping your phone on you in case I call back?

So…that was a pretty long rant. I could probably go on for longer, but I won’t.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend…and preferably experience none of what I was just ranting about.

Also: This isn’t entirely relevant, but I thought of these lyric from BTS’s “Danger”:
“Does your phone work right? Really? […] I’m sick of this! […] You always send me just 1 or 2 lines of text messages and that’s it.”


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