Inspired: No Longer ‘Us’


“Feels like the time that had followed us also stopped. More than us, I guess we’re now you and I.” (BEAST-12:30)

This was pretty different from a lot of BEAST’s previous songs, which were a bit more upbeat and well…pop-py. Not quite sure how to describe it.

Anyhow, I liked the change…the music video was pretty good, with the clock and everything. And the lyrics? Well…I thought they were really nice. Especially that comparison with the clock hands. The line above was the one that stuck with me the most, though.

There are so many amazing music videos and songs coming out these days…it’s almost a little difficult to keep track. But it’s worth it…so much new music…all so good. But all the new albums I want…not so good for my wallet.

There are a lot of cheerful songs, and I love them, but it’s always the sad ones that stick with me…maybe I just have a thing for sad songs or something.

Anyways, I’ll leave you guys, as usual, I’ll leave you guys with another lyric from the song…something a little more hopeful:

“I believe that [time] will start flowing again like us, I believe that time will come like that. Even though I’m letting go right now, I’m letting go of you, even though everything has stopped. I believe that the broken clock will move again.”


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