On Sale Candy


Less than a week after Halloween…I’m sure that, just from reading the title alone, you already know what this post is going to be about.

I have a huge sweet tooth…chocolate, candy, cake, ice cream…basically, dessert. So I always pick up some candy after Halloween, because a lot of it is marked down by quite a bit! It’s great to have candy for all those early Christmas specials in November and just because…well…there’s never a bad time for candy.

Plus, it’s great to go with some friends, but a bunch of candy and then share it before our next class starts.

I know it sounds like I eat a heck of a lot of candy and should really have a dozen or so cavities by now, but, in reality, I don’t. I don’t really buy candy or sweets much (Unless they’re on sale…or I’m out shopping and pass by that cupcake shop and can’t help myself…), so this is just one of the few times during the year when I have a lot of candy.

Anyways…continuing with my preparations for Christmas, eating candy, waiting for the day it finally snows…just another day of randomness.


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