52 Days Until Christmas…Go!


Aren’t these sorts of displays just beautiful? I can’t help but feel even more festive looking at them…

Hi everyone! I’m feeling especially cheerful today…or should I say festive? With Halloween over (And it was a fun night…all those fun costumes! And the candy…can’t forget the candy), Christmas preparations are officially a go.

The displays, the lists, the shopping trips…I’m so excited already. Shopping for gifts is always a difficult task (Getting that ‘perfect gift’ can be a bit of a pain sometimes), but it still makes me happy at the end of the day. Then comes wrapping, and of course stopping by somewhere for some hot chocolate, taking pictures of the pretty snow scene…I feel like I’m describing something very clichéd. I probably am. But whatever…I’m sure I’m not the only one out there.

Oh…and I have another reason to come up with some more nail art! This is going to be great…I’m really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Can’t you tell?

Anyways, I hope at least a few of you out there know what I’m talking about…


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