[Mini-Rant] Please Continue To Stay On The Line…


My feelings exactly…

“Thank you for your patience. All of our agents are currently busy assisting other callers. Your call is very important to us, so please continue to stay on the line. *Insert elevator music and miscellaneous ads here*” And then you’ll hear it again in about 5 minutes…and again…and again. And each time, there’ll be a slight pause and you’ll wonder whether or not someone has finally taken your call…but nope. It’s just the same stupid automated message.

Honestly, this always bothers me. I usually call because I’m annoyed and having to hear the same automated message over and over isn’t going to make me any nicer by the time someone finally picks up my call.

They probably think that if they make you wait long enough, you’ll eventually relent, hang up and they won’t have to deal with you. But nope, they won’t have it that easy with me. I’ll stay on the line until you answer my call, and nothing is going to make the end the call. Nothing (Short of an apocalypse). Not even if I have to wait for hours (Which has happened before).

Really, though…I feel bad for those agents. They get all these annoyed customers who rant to them as if they own the company. I understand, guys. Although I’ve gotten some rude and/or pushy agents, and I definitely don’t appreciate that. But I understand how annoying us annoyed people can be.

But hey…we all have to agree the stupid automated message is annoying. But thanks for playing it every 5 minutes to mock how I race to go get the phone every time because I think that someone’s finally going to pick up.

I really appreciate you keeping my reflexes sharp.


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