Sweater Weather


So it’s been getting chillier lately (But at least the weather’s been nice and sunny), and it feels like it’s pretty much time to break out the sweaters. As much as I’ll miss my graphic tees and flowy tops (And trust me, they will be missed), I’m a little excited to start wearing sweaters.

Warm and comfy, and they’re a sign of how close we’re getting to real winter weather…which is really exciting (At least, for me…I know quite a few people who would disagree)! All the possible snowfall, and just sitting around sipping hot chocolate…even the thought makes me happy.

I bought a few new sweaters during sales in the summer, and I’m happy that I’ll finally be able to wear them out and show them off. Plus, all those cardigans and blazers that have been buried in the bottom of my closet have finally been being put to use this past little while.

The change is nice…and, next year, I’ll feel the same sense of excitement when unpacking my summer clothes and anticipating being able to wear my chiffon tops once again.

For now, though, I’m content with the prospect of soon being able to snuggle up in a cozy sweater indoors with a nice mug of hot chocolate, looking out at the snowy scene outside…that sounds so incredibly clichéd, but hey…it does sound nice, doesn’t it?

Side Note: I’ve only recently discovered that this was an actual song…and by recently, I mean just now when I was trying to look for a picture to put on this post and searched up ‘Sweater Weather’ and got pictures and videos of this band. Well…you learn something new everyday, I guess.


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