Inspired: Erasing You


“I couldn’t help it so I threw it all out. I erased all of my emotions. But…I couldn’t erase you because my heart was too sad.” (VIXX-Error)

Yep…this song is still totally getting to me. And the hole that the sad lyrics and MV plot left in my chest is still there every time I listen to this song, and even afterwards. Honestly, out of all the VIXX songs, this one definitely has my favourite lyrics. The sadness in them…it just gets to me, and I can’t help but feel really sad whenever I hear it.

I actually really like pretty much every song on this album, though. The lyrics of “Youth Hurts” also get to me every time…this album is such an emotional roller coaster. I go from really sad, to fangirling, to being even sadder. But I love it anyways…I guess good music can do that to your emotions.

I’ll end off this post with a particular lyric from “Youth Hurts” that really resonated with me:

“Don’t speak too easily. Don’t envy us. Our youth hurts so much.” (VIXX-Youth Hurts)


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