These little things called ‘hashtags’…I’ve been seeing them literally everywhere. On Twitter, Facebook posts and even when I’m chatting with people. Both online and in real life. And all of those little acronyms? These have been slowly making their way into my conversations with others. In real life. Who needs real words, am I right?

Well, my first problem is with hashtags in chats. What is even the point? They don’t link to anything, they don’t actually do anything, so why put them there in the first place? Tagging things in posts and pictures and whatnot I can understand, and the ridiculous, over-the-top ones are even sort of funny, However…do you really need to use one every 3 sentences in a chat?

Next…all these ‘LOL’, ‘ROFL’, ‘TBH’, ‘BRB’ types of things? I get why people use them in chat and texting…heck, even I occasionally use them. They save time and are way easier to type in a rush. But, in real life, it just sounds weird in a conversation when you start saying, “TBH, that didn’t taste very good, LOL.”. Or “I’ll BRB”. We are all perfectly capable of saying, “To be honest” or “Be right back”, I’m sure. And saying “LOL” instead of actually laughing is a little sad…TBH.

And people who say ‘hashtag’ in real life? Don’t even get me started.

Honestly, though…I never really understand why people do that. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it except watch as it gets more and more prominent. Well…maybe someone out there will understand how I feel. Or not.


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